Monday, January 19, 2015

Oh the humidity...

Hey so all is well with me and Elder Breton, we were able to get through it without him getting strep throat. I think I actually got the Flu from him. He had had a little fever and stuff before but It wasnt to bad. But when I got It it was horrible. Mom said that sometimes it feels like getting hit by a Mack truck. She Is compleatly right about that. As for the strep, I think it was just a random occurance. But I am all better and back to full health and was able to work the full week. and yes mom, I did get an anti biotic.

The Hospitals here definatly dont have the same level of cleanliness as in the states. But it wasnt too bad. I should have taken pictures but I just felt to bad to take them.

As for the weather here its been super humid. Since Wednesday It has been the same thing. Super hot in the morning with rain in the evening. People say its around 113 (not sure how true that is) and then it will rain. so the next morning is super humid but a little cooler but the humidity has made it feel even hotter. So in the morning we are soaked in sweat, and the evening soaked in rain. But this week has been a rewarding week.

We had a super cool lesson with an investigator who said that he believed the church was true and everything. But as always, he works on sundays and he says he trys to get it off but he cant sometimes. but we still keep trying and praying that his boss will let him have sundays free. But he loves reading the Book of Mormon and everything. Really the only thing he lacks is Church attendance.

We also had an investigator get super excited to go to church, she and her nephew were super excited to come. They both knew that it is super important to go but then at the end of the week they both got sick. They think Its because of the changes in the weather from hot to rainy and back to hot. But they have desires to go to church which is pretty hard to find people that want to spend time at church.  So still the work is progressing well in our area.

Ive learned that I can understand spanish in my subconcise (spell check please!!). I was healping a little kid that was drawing while Elder Breton was talking and the little kid ran off. Thats when I realized that I understood the conversation! so that makes me super happy!!!!

As for the pensamiento espiritual (spiritual thought), It comes from 3 nephi chapter 27:1-8. In these verses, the Apostles are preaching the gospel and bulding a church, but there is a disputation on what to call the church. So what do they do, they ask God, but they didnt just ask God for an answer, they asked him (after lots of powerful prayer and fasting) to send Jesus himself to answer. And It happened, so point 1 from this set of scriptures is that when powerful prayer and fasting are combined you recieve a poweful answer.

continuing, they asked Christ what they should name the church, and naturally, Jesus quoted scripture saying that it should be called the church of christ.

Just a side note, I really love verse 6.

But verse 8 sums it up pretty perfectly. Read it and love it.

My testimony has grown verymuch since I have left on my mission. I have learned more about this restored gospel in these almost 6 months then I have in any other time of my life. I know that this is the same organization that existed in the times of Christ and that he is at the head of this church. I know that Thomas S. Monson and the other Apostles are the only men on earth that can recieve revelation from Jesus Christ to guide us. I love this gospel with all my heart and hope that everyone can learn to love it too.

With all the love i have,
Elder Jared

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