Monday, April 6, 2015

Stuffed to the brim!

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Subject: stuffed to the brim

What a week its has been!!! It was an awesome way to end this change. We are notified tomorrow about changes, so you get to wait a week to know!! But seriously. I have been stuffed to the brim this week. Physically and spiritually. But for starters, I'll start with all the yummy (mostly yummy that is) and unhealthy stuff I've eaten and I'll tell you about the adventures I've had this week!! This week will have to be a day by day type of thing.

Tuesday: yeah, We killed a pig,  Well, we didn't actually kill the pig. We more just watched, but still it was awesome!! The family that killed the pig told us they would start at 5 in the morning. We decided to wake up early to help! We get there around 5:15 and the pig is killed and skinned... They told us they had to start at 4 in the morning. Because the person that knew how to butcher the pig was called in to work so yeah.. still got some great pictures! Then we ate pig for breakfast. It's Called Kure shoruru. Its pretty dang amazing but to make it good you have to make Chichirron. To make Chichirron, you put a bunch of pig fat on a fire till it renders some fat and eventually fries itself. It yummy also. And to make Kure shooruru (It means fried pork in Guarani) you just throw it in the chichirron while its frying! Yeah that was breakfast..don't worry mom,, I'm eating fruits and vegetables too.

Wednesday: We made chipa! It takes a tooon of work and is super hard to explain, but basically you have this mixture that is super lumpy and dry, and you have to knead it forever to make it into a dough. It takes like 10 minutes and you get tired really quick. So we ate a lot of chipa.

Thursday: This is the day we ate and ate and ate. We had a super big lunch of duck (Its super yummy! one of my favorite meats here!) and pork with rice and cabbage salad. And then it was the national day of chipa so every house we went into, we ate chipa. and you cant say no!! so we had to eat a giant lunch and chipa through out the day. We also had a mystery dinner appointment that night, what was it? Pig head... Yeah I hate some pig head, most definatly not my favorite thing. They served it cold and it took forever to chew.. also, they didn't take the hair off.. so you end up chewing for like 3 minutes on cond hairy meat.... yeah not super appetizing especially when you are stuffed to the brim already.. My favorite part was the tongue because I could chew it and it didn't have hair... yeah. But after the lunch appointment we visited a less active family and as we get there, they are like, Oh we prepared and asado for you!! Yeah I was absolutely stuffed. It was to the point where the food didn't taste good, which for me, It means I ate A LOT of food.. 

Friday: Paraguay basically shut down for the day. It was the day of the crucifixion of Christ so everyone got the day off. But for us it was a regular day, working, and eating more chipa. I was still full from Thursday. haha

The weekend!: Now it's time for the spiritual side of things, which means General Conference!! It was fantastic, even if the rain made it so we couldn't watch the first session. As Elder Eyring was about to tell us a story, The satellite cut out and didn't come back till the closing hymn. So that was kinda disappointing but whatever. Thank goodness for LDS.ORG.  But Saturday afternoon was maybe my favorite session ever! Elder Bednar and his talk about overcoming fears with faith in Jesus Chirst was amazing, Elder Christoffersons talk Blew me away, I still have "Marriage is not a human invention" ringing in my ears. Then the dancing to the music. That one will be a classic. Haha I love that one too!!

Sunday was also really really good. But Elder Hollands talk really struck with me.. That story helped me realize the importance of faith and trust In Jesus Christ. It made me realize, That Christ will always be there for us. He will never go looking for a fictionary tree branch, he is waiting, waiting for us to take a leap of faith, a leap into his outstretched arms. He will catch us, he cannot fail in catching us. This talk was a favorite of mine. I will never forget the image of us hanging on a ledge, slipping to utterdoo, and then a pair of hands reach out and save us, the hands and wrists pierced. pierced just for us.

I hope you all had a great weekend too!!


Elder Jared

 Surrounded by banana leaves making chipa. It is cornmeal dough, and you cook it in whats called a tatakua but its like a wood fired oven.

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