Thursday, August 28, 2014

One last email

Dand C100 Read it love it

I love It I Love It!!!

Man! a whole other week has passed my! how lucky is that?? I have been asked to share more details so i will try my best today!

First off, the weather, Its usually like 20 degrees or something. Remember thats Celsius, we had a rain storm the past few days but that didnt keep us from playing soccer!! Right now at the CCM there are only 20 missionaries, because a lot just left on tuesday. But we are getting a ton more today! like 60 more and 40 of them are from Los Estados Unidos, Which is going to be fun! There are usually latinos in my room, last week whe had two companionships, so that was 4 latinos, and another Norte Americano companionship, so our room was absolutely filled to the brim!! Its tons of fun though!!

The CCM Is awesome, Its all the same everyday though, but we have tons of fun studying. My district is the greatest district in the world. We have already started planning a reunion for after our missions!!! so we will see how that turns out! Most of the people in my district are from Utah, but we have 2 from Idaho,1 from Cali, Illinois, and Canada. It has been soo much fun getting to meet everyone. The studying does get hard but thats when I work the best. I just focus and get to work. Its amazing how much the Lord blesses our lives and all we have to do is look for them and they will be there! So I challenege you all to take a look and count you blessings.

Prosyleting was a little bit slower this week, a lot of people werent interested but we tried our very best, we got really good at giving out pamphlets and Libros de Mormóns. We them all out this time! It felt so good because our numbers were a bit low but when we made a contact its was a quality contact. Our ratio of contacts to lessons is pretty good :) so I can Handle that. Haha

We are all dying to know whats going on back in the states. So if anything major happens, let me know! Ill keep you all in the loop on my mission if i get some news every now and then! Deal? ok good :)

I am doing so well here, I know I was supposed to go to this CCM. I have felt the lords presence in my life more than ever and its the greatest felling in the world. All I can say is that I am in love with my mission.

Elder Brandon Jared

Buenos Aires Argentina Temple


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Halfway through the CCM already!

Well a bit past half way. 2 weeks and 5 days to be exact, not that anyone is counting or anything. Everything is moving so quick!! It feels like I was emailing y'all yesterday! The days are like weeks but the weeks are like days. 

This week has been quite the week! I am able to understand the latinos and keep conversations going! What made this week even better is that we went out in the real world! We got a piece of the mission field which was wayyyyy awesome. 80% of the people we contacted had no interest at all but there were 20% that listen to us which was awesome! The  best experience was when we were talking with this girl and she said her mom would like to talk to us. So we got the address and talked to her for like 45 minutes or a 1 hr! It was soo cool to see someone have the light of Christ uncovered in them. She even accepted a Libro de Mormon and said she wanted other missionaries to come! Soo cool! It made all those 80% of people rejecting us worth it. It was easily the best experience of my life and I know there is more to come. 

So my mom wanted me to include a word or phrase everyweek so this week it is 'Santa Cena' which translates to Holy Dinner or Sacrament. Speaking of sacrament, ours is at 7:50 in the morning and you thought staying awake in 9:00 church was hard!!

I am learning so much and I wanted to share something I learned in my studies. I was reading in 1 Nefi 3:6 and there was a footnote for ¨not murmurring¨ and the footnote said stuff about sustaining church leaders so I was confused but I came up with this conclusion:

Lehi was the prophet, and by not murmuring agaisnt the prophet you are sustaining them. Sustaining is more than raising your hand. It's supporting those who have been called to serve you and promising to be obedient to them.

Just some food for thought there, hope you enjoyed it. I wish you all the best of luck!!

Love Elder Jared

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Elder Fonnesbeck's Mom Sends Pictures of Brandon!

Elders Quayle, Fonnesbeck & Jared at the Buenos Aires Temple
{Guest Post}


I haven't been able to friend you on facebook so I thought I would send you a picture this way. My son mentions Elder Jared every week so far. It sounds like they are having a good time together. I have a blog for my son if you would like to read up  on their adventures. It is fun to get different details. Have a good day!

~Shelly (Fonnesbeck)

A Day In the MTC...

Man another week has come and gone! This week has flown by. Which is way good! Just to take care of some things, I dont have enough time to reply to all of your emails but i am printing them off and hand writing them! so my replys will be a week late!

The CCM is the same thing day after day. I wake up, eat 2 bowls of Cocco Puffs, Study for three hours, Eat lunch study for 3 hours, do some physical activity, study for two hours, eat dinner and then study some more. So its a lot of studying but i know its worth it!

I got to go to the temple last thursday and i get to go again! every week. but its always is spanish so its hard to understand. But I absolutely love it because you have to rely on the spirit. Which is great! and Guess what! on saturday they are letting us loose and we go prosyliting on saturday, To real people who speak spanish really fast! its going to be nuts!

I love my companion, but in the last week i have gotten, really close too two other elders. they are elder Quayle and Elder Fonnesbeck, They both are from Idaho and so legit! we were talking last night and we all felt like we were friends in the premortal life. our friendship is soo strong! its awesome!

nothing new has happened in the CCM this last week. No more blood sausage. I hope you guys are having a great time!

Elder Brandon Jared

Intro to Group Letter

So first of all I dont have a contact list, so if you could send me one i can do the emails. I saved the list in excel. And second of all I think you might be able to do my duty to god. but Im not totally sure on that. and third of all I love you sooooo much and saying goodby was easily the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. But this is what I want you to send all my friends and all the family.

Like Nephi of Old...

This is just for the fam. You can send it to Gma and Gpa and the aunts to.

There once was a young man a long time ago. He and his family were moving far far away to a land across the seas. He knew not whar it would be like or how long it would take, but he trusted in the lord to keep him safe. While traveling to the sea, a sea he did not know how to cross, his father recieved a prompting to return to their home to recieve something they lost. This young man, obedient and brave, said to his father with out a second thought "i will go and do that which the lord has commanded"

There once was a young man just two weeks ago, who was moving to a forgien land, a land he did not know. He didnt know what it would be like or how to speak the language. But he trusted in the lord to keep him safe. Admist the toil and sorrow of leavinghis family, he turned to his father, his father in heaven without a second though and prayed with all his might "Lord I am going and doing the thing that thou has commanded, but i need thy comfort and thy holy ghost."
Im sure Nephi missed his family almost as much as i miss you. Our missions were fastly different but by accomplishing them we both are becoming closer to god.

Oh how much i miss you. Im sure Nephis mom Dad, and sisters missed him while he was gone. I I hope you have missed me to (just a bit) Haha. I have felt God blessing me and i know he is blessing you. I love you soooo soooo much!

With all my love,
Elder Brandon Jared

Thursday, August 7, 2014

First Week Accomplished! :)

Hola Familia y amigos!

Man! its been a week and I feel like I said goody a month ago! Its been sooo busy here! After I got through security i walked to my gate and there was probably 60 or 70 other missionaries there. It was like the Army of Heleman in the Latter days! it was so amazing to see us all there! There are about 20 of us going down to argentina and the rest were going to england. it was so comforting to know that there wasnt only 4 of us! I dozed off on the plane from Atlanta to Argentina and it hit me like a brick wall. I wasnt going to see any of you for two years. Thats a long time for me. But i know what im doing is right and I have felt gods blessings filling my life. When we first go to the MTC (or as the call it in argentin the CCM. Dont ask me what it stands for because I dont know:)) My first thought is that it was so small! I guess there are 66 missionaries and this is the most they have had at once. I would say half of us are North Americans, and the other half is Latinos. And the only way to communicate with the Latinos is to speak spanish! So the learning spanish has been fast and furious. But McKenna was right! I am suprised to see how much i remember! and I can talk with them! Its been soo cool to see how God has blessed me in opening my mouth and speaking a forgien language. We do everything in spanish. We talk in spanish, we write in spanish and we pray in spanish. and I love it.

My companion is Elder Olsen from Lindon! He is a pretty amazing guy! his spanish is incredible and his will to talk is awesome! To bad he is going to Uruguay because i would love to have him go to Paraguay with me. I love him as a companion!

with first companero Elder Olsen

I am so glad to be here in Argentina because this CCM is absoluteluy awesome! Its small enough that everyone know everyone and you can talk with the CCM president like everyday! I doubt you could do that in Provo! and the food here is absolutely phenomanel(?) ( I guess that learning a ne language effects your old one ;)) Im suprised i havent gained like 100 pounds the food here is so good. I have to keep myself from going back for more because I know I will gain weight! Haha. I did eat one nasty thing, It was Blood Sausage. Basically the cook the blood of a pig so it like turns into jello then they stuff it into the intestine and let it sit for a week. The flavor wasnt that bad but the texture was absolutely terrible. Nasty! but other than that it is way good. Friday is my favorite dinner because thay have whats called an Asada. It basically means a grill and they cook the best steak I have ever had!

Remember those latinos? Yeah we challenged them to a little game of soccer. You would have thought we would have destryed them right? :) well the first game we tied 4-4 but the second time they kicked our trash. But I love playing with them. And I am getting better at soccer which makes me happy!

I am almost out of time and i have other emaisl to right so ill leave you guys with my testimony. The CCM is hard. The language is hard. But feeling the spirit in every moment is worth it. I know what I am doing here is what God has in store for me. I love Him and I love this Gospel

With love from Argentina,

Elder Jared
PS-I cant send pictures until my last week. So you will get to see everything then!