Tuesday, April 5, 2016

General Conference

Man what a great weekend it has been!! A weekend when we can listen to our Prophet and Apostles always has to be a great weekend!! I really loved these sessions there were soo much wisdom and soo much knowledge to gain from these wise leaders.. So Ill give you a quick highlight of my favorite talks!! First of all, we missed the first session and the priesthood session due to technical difficulties, But we got the other sessions!!

There were really Three talks that really stood out to me. All of them from the Quorum of the 12. I really Enjoyed Elder Christofferson, Elder Utchdorf and Elder Holland.

just a quick version on why they really impacted me,

I loved Elder Christofferson, because he really focused on the Father and the importance of them. I just want to send a quick shout out to my awesome Dad who really has done a great job. As I was listening, I could have made a list of awesome things that my dad could do. So dad, thanks for giving me such a great example. You are Awesome!!!

I loved Elder Utchdorfs Talk on the Lost sheep. But the story about the Cathedral really touched me for some reason. I believe he said something like "There is no life so shattered, torn or destroyed, that through Jesus Christ, It cannot be made whole."
I just loved it because I really have had a huge testimony increase on the Atonement. I know that everyone can repent. Its possible through him. It really touched me, thinking that that is what Im trying to do, Help others be made whole through Jesus Christ

And Elder Hollands Talk was soo full of love for us. It really was a great conference ender. I left my notes at home, but for some reason, His talk just really stood out to me. I love how much emotion he puts into his talks. It really is so incredible!! He is such a good speaker and I love him so much!!

I don't have much time, but I love you all!!!

Elder Jared

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