Monday, November 23, 2015

Oh the things that you find!

Man this week has been such an interesting week... Crazy stories finding crazy people and amazing fun. Sometimes things just happen on the mission that you cant explain. Haha missions are the best :)

I feel that this week will be a good week to do a rare day by day :)

Tuesday: You ready for a funny story?? Haha this is a good one. So Elder Bustillos had returned home to eat lunch and before cooking he takes the trash out. Then, all of the sudden, He yells "ELDER! COME HERE!" so I go running out the door to see whats happening and hes in our back yard chasing a chicken around!! Then he Yells "Help Me!!" so we spend a good 10 minutes trying to grab a chicken. after sucessfully grtabbing the chicken, for some reason he takes it inside our house. and as he walks in, the chicken escapes. So we had a chicken loose in our house. It ran right into our bedroom and hid under my bed. as we were searching for the chicken, to our amazment we found another chicken that had walked in! so we had two chickens in our house!! It was actually quite funny!
So we had to spend another 10 minutes chasing chickens around our house trying to get them out. It was pretty awesome. I got it on video. Ill try to find a way to up load it.

Wednesday: WE had interviews with President. The time that I had with him was like GOLD! He helped me so much giving me such great advice to help me become a better missionary. I love my mission President!

Thursday: I had divisions with my friend Elder Stutz! I dont know if you remember him but we were in the same distric when I was in Juan de Salazar. So we have done many divisions together. It was fun to work with him. WE were able to teach Reina and she accepted a Baptismal date for the 12 of December. She is very shy but understands what we teach. Im sure she will progress twords baptism. She loves going to church and loves the Book of Mormon.

But Thursday night, We had an activity in our branch where we watched meet the Mormons. It was going all good until the story of the Fottball coach and then the electricity went. So we couldnt finisht the movie. We were told to go right home because all of Emboscada was without electricity and the streets were dangerous. so we had to go home and light up our house with candles. It was fun but interesting.

Friday: Everything was basically normal. Until we decided to visit a less active member that hasnt been to church for a few weeks. As we were talking she starts telling us about "revelations" that she is receiving. SHe told us that The Lord wanted us to start storing water and she wants the church to build houses for the members. We were just like....uhhh... then she explains to us that she talks with the Presidents of Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and wait for it.... Barak Obama. We honestly didnt know what to say. so we just kinda talked about profets and their role. It was a very interesting day.

Saturday: This was just a normal day. walking under the sun and enjoying the best job on the planet. I love it!

Sunday: It was our last chance to meet with Ceferino fleitas before his baptisim. He shared such a powerful testimony and I feel that he is truely converted to the lord. He has seen such a big change in his life and is prepare to make this covenent with the Lord. We see the same in his Soon-to-be-wife.

Looking forward to this week with a baptisim and a marrige!!

Love you all

ELder Jared

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