Monday, February 2, 2015

Satan don't kick no dead dogs....

I hope you all enjoyed the subject line, Ill talk about it more later in the letter, so don't peek!! haha I hope you are curious though :)

So this week has flown bye. for some reason this week was unreasonable quick. Maybe it was because I hit 6 months last Saturday! Wow! these 6 months have been the most fulfilling 6 months of my life. I don't think I have ever been busier! It is easily the best experience of my life.

This week has been pretty regular. Sweating lots and having some funny experiences, well just one funny experience that I can remember. Haha I know there are more, I have the written down in my journal, I just cant remember them right now. Thank goodness for journals though!!

So the funny experience for this week. It comes from Divisions. I was with Elder Stutz who is from Washington state. He is has one less change than me and is stuggling with Spanish a little bit. But he is a really hard worker and is always improving! He is one of my mission buddies :) But anyway, both our primary plan and the back up plan fell through, so we decided to do some contacting, The very first house we talked to was this old lady. She claimed to be super catholic (lots of people say they are but they do nothing about it) but she had some back problems and  was cooking from her chair so she couldn't to let us in. So through the chain link fence we share a quick spiritual thought so we could lift her spirits a bit. I think It really helped her because she told her little son to go get some cold water. We just thought that she was going to give us something to drink but nope, her son brings out a pail, dips her necklace that has a cross on it and flings water at us saying " Les Bendico, Les Bendico" Which translated to " I bless you, I bless you"
I do have to say I have felt the Lord Blessing my life a lot :) whether its because of her or because I'm doing what I'm doing, but igual no mas. jaja.

I hope you enjoyed that a bit. I thought it was pretty funny. Another awesome thing we were able to do was go to the Family History Center with a member that was less active that we reactivated. He Is 17 and so we prepared some names for him to take to the temple. He was super excited to start and to have the ability to do baptisms for his dad. He was super excited about that. He's also starting to think about a mission now :) he's pretty cool :)

So that was my week so now it's time for my spiritual thought. (this is where the subject line comes in)

One night we were listing to a talk by Jack Christensen. He started off by telling us that " Satan don't kick no dead dogs, I could say it grammatically correct but you would forget it easier" He goes on to say that those that are choosing the right are the main subjects of his attacks (for example, Joseph Smith, Moses, And Jesus Christ himself). But he also is the main focus on us the people who are choosing to be good. he goes on to tell us why he attacks us and not the people who believe in 2 Nephi 28 7-8 (eat drink and be merry :)), He shares something that I thought was really interesting. He said "Perhaps the purpose of the temptations of Satan are not to make us sin, But rather to keep us from applying the Atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives."

I really believe that is the reason Satan tempts us, If he did it for numbers he would be focusing on the others that don't apply the Atonement. When we truly apply the Atonement, we are clean. And if we are clean and worthy we receive glory. And that makes Satan super jealous. So Remember "Satan don't kick no dead dogs"

Love you All!!

Elder Jared

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