Monday, April 13, 2015

Me fui!

Translation, I went or I left! So we had changes this week and we were pretty certain that we were going to have changes, It was a matter of who. And President chose me to go, To a city called Aregua. And would you have it, Its like 10 minutes south of Luque, so yeah still stuck in the warphole. But it's a really pretty place. Our area is super far away from the main road so there's basically nothing. Just people and Jungle. But honestly its a really pretty place. I'll send some pictures next week. My new Companion is Elder Gladámez, He is from El Salvador. He has one more change than I do but will go home with me (Spanish speakers have more time in the field, because less time in the MTC). He doesn't like some of the rules, but that's something we are working on, at least I don't have to motivate him to work. There's always a bright spot.

As for Aregua, There are a ton of menos activos. supposedly the ward has over 900 members but only 100 are active. There are also 8 missionaries in the ward. Its a ton. It feels like without the missionaries, the ward would crumple. Supposedly they rely on the missionaries a ton, have them give talks and be in charge of a lot of stuff, But we are working on that. Other than that, We do have one really cool investigator, His name is Fransisco and lives with a member, So yeah, He has a date for the 25th and he is super excited for it.

Also, Aregua has a ton of little hills so its a lot of up and down. Our area also has one of the tallest points in Paraguay, Its nothing like the great mountains of Utah, but it's something :)

All In all, I feel good about the change. There are always difficulties in changes but it's nothing I can't handle. It was rough leaving an area where you have worked so had and had started seeing the fruits and then go. I feel like 'Ive left a little destiny in Juan de Salazar, Some members that we reactivated renamed their cats after us. So one is Breton and the other is Jared. So I feel super happy about the work I was able to accomplish here.

All the love,

Elder Jared

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