Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Day In the MTC...

Man another week has come and gone! This week has flown by. Which is way good! Just to take care of some things, I dont have enough time to reply to all of your emails but i am printing them off and hand writing them! so my replys will be a week late!

The CCM is the same thing day after day. I wake up, eat 2 bowls of Cocco Puffs, Study for three hours, Eat lunch study for 3 hours, do some physical activity, study for two hours, eat dinner and then study some more. So its a lot of studying but i know its worth it!

I got to go to the temple last thursday and i get to go again! every week. but its always is spanish so its hard to understand. But I absolutely love it because you have to rely on the spirit. Which is great! and Guess what! on saturday they are letting us loose and we go prosyliting on saturday, To real people who speak spanish really fast! its going to be nuts!

I love my companion, but in the last week i have gotten, really close too two other elders. they are elder Quayle and Elder Fonnesbeck, They both are from Idaho and so legit! we were talking last night and we all felt like we were friends in the premortal life. our friendship is soo strong! its awesome!

nothing new has happened in the CCM this last week. No more blood sausage. I hope you guys are having a great time!

Elder Brandon Jared

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