Monday, April 27, 2015


Hello!! Man this week has been a great week!! For starters, Fransisco did get baptized. He was super excited and he felt amazing he said. And when he got confirmed the spirit was super strong. It was absolutely amazing!! Man, I love the feeling when someone accepts this Gospel.. yeah It may be the greatest feeling ever! Man being a missionary is the greatest thing ever!

Not much has happened this week. Every night we went to Fransisco just to help him prepare for his baptisim. But other than that, just the same reactivating work. Sometimes it's super awesome because you'll reactivate a family and you can see the joy that comes with activity, but on the other end i'ts kinda frustrating too, you'll have people say they know they should reactivate but don't do anything... But I love them anyways. we get some really great lessons there. it's kinda like a puzzle, you just have to find what they are missing to complete the picture. Someday they will understand!!

Something funny happened this week... I was on divisions with Elder Shoemaker and we visited a family that is less active but reactivating and they lived in a ward in the south mission, the same ward as some of my friends in Juan de Salazar! It was funny because sometimes the world just seems so small.. haha

Spanish is getting better as always, It's fun speaking spanish 100% of the time. I really love the spanish language even if sometimes it is mixed with GuaranĂ­. Haha

Love you all

Elder Jared

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