Monday, December 8, 2014

Transfer 2

Heyy Heyy!! It seems like forever since I have been able to write! This week has been absolutely nuts. First of all I'm sure that y'all are curious where Elder Torres is now. He is still in the same place. But first I need to explain some missionary Lingo. All of this has to do with family history because it is incredibly important.

Father: Trainer
Mother: The last companion of your father in an area
Brother: Someone trained by your trainer
Grandfather:trainer of your trainer, etc

So that means Elder Torres is my "Father". And in this transfer I learned that I have a brother. And I am a mother... You put it all together and I am the one that left while Elder Torres is still training in Kokueré. So my new area is called Juan de Salazar. It's In between two cities called Luqe and Limpio. Basically my area in GIGANTONOURMAS! Like it is incredibly big. And we live like a mile away from it so every morning and night is a mile walk. To add on top of a giant area and huge walks to get to our area every day, we got whitewashed. So we are both new to this area and know where nothing is. None of the investigators, less actives, or the members. And with a new area and new comp. It's been pretty rough.

My new companion is Elder Breton and he is from Orem and is awesome! So I have an american comp! He has like 15 months on the mission and he hasn't been whitewashed before. So this is new for the both of us.

We had quite the shock when we first saw our home, I have pictures but this computer is not accepting my USB for some reason. Elder Breton discribed it prefectly when he said "Its your classic Paraguayan home. This is something you contact." Basically it's four walls and a bathroom. It does have AC which is a HUGE blessing you'll understand later.. But it smells like mold and the Elders before didn't clean it at all... There was a half pot of rice on the stove and a bunch of dirty dishes on the sink. And don't even get me started on the floor. Lets just say we spent the better part of a day cleaning. Also the area book was basically worth nothing. It had stuff from 09 and there was basically no info. So we really were starting from nothing.

Just one more paragraph and then I'll get to the blessing that I have felt. Our area basically has nothing. There isn't any supermarkets and only one paved road. The rest is dirt and it absolutely kills your feet. and it is the weirdest thing, you'll see a community of like 5 houses, then there will be nothing. absolutely nothing for half a mile. Its odd.

Now it's blessings time:
1. I love my comp and he is working amazingly hard.
2. Something switched in my brain and I can understand people and converse with them. I'm still not grammatically correct, but they catch my drift
3. Is the ward. They have helped us soooo much. We met with the bishop the first day we were here and EVERYONE, was like, hey-your new. I want to help you. Call me anytime and we will work with you" people young and old, male and female. I guess the other elders didn't work with the ward that well, and they were excited for new people that would work with them. So every day we have had a member with us to show us where people live. I dont know how we would have done it without the ward. They are amazing.

They also speak alot more guarani here so here are some phrases:

Che uhei (shea uh hey) means im thirsty-which we use often because we saw a sign and it said 51 degrees. thats like 124 degrees. So its baking here
Che vare´a (shea varey ah) Im hungry
Che kane´o (shea can eh oh) Im tired
and Che akese( shea ah case eh) I want to sleep

Basically we use all of those alot. haha

But for reals the biggest thing I have learned this week is that all things will fall into place if you do what the Lord wants you to do. No matter how hard the task may seem, It's all possible. We have been teaching so many lessons and people are accepting our message. Its all because we are willing to forget our will and desire and do the Lord's work.

I hope you can find an application in your life somewhere

With all the love in the world,
Elder Jared

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