Monday, December 1, 2014


So I'm sure y'all are curious of how we celebrated Thanksgiving. Basically, we didn't do anything. But we did have a super fun Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with a family that is menos activo. We played the flour game. It's where you build a tower out of flour and put a coin on top. Then you take turns cutting the flour untill the tower crumbles. Once the tower crumbles the coin is lost in the flour and you have to find it and take it off the plate with your nose! It was super fun! And to take it a step further, if you made the flour fall, you had to answer a question about someone else that was there. If you got it wrong, we would pop a water balloon on your head, If you got it right the person who the question was about got the water balloon. It was a pretty great night if I do say so myself. And naturally we shared a spiritual message and we decided to share the first lesson again. It was the most focused I have ever seen that family. They said that they wanted to go to church but they had other commitments on Sunday. Tough luck.

Last week I mentioned Black Friday here, You can already get stuff for super cheap here compared to the states, and with the deals it would have been a killer opportunity to grab some Paraguayan gear but we weren't allowed. No biggie for me because my mom will tell you I'm not much of a shopper!

There is another family (a mother and son) of menos activos who we have been working really hard to get to church. We have been trying forever to get them to church. They said they had troubles waking up in time, so we gave them an alarm clock. Promising eternal blessing also wasn't enough to get them to church so we had to stoop to chocolate. They didn't have any excuse to not come to church this week. and did they come? Nope. I seriously don't know what else to do with them.

We haven't been able to visit the family that is super close to baptism this week. Because the kids are in finals getting ready for summer vacation. Funny that while you all are in the snow and school, I am in summer and the kids are on vacation!

In other big news, I gave my first talk in sacrament meeting yesterday. I had to talk on prophets. It was super scary because I struggled giving a 10 minute talk in english and now I had to do It in spanish (which is a ton better than my first week). But I felt like I did a good job I was able to fill my time and the Branch was very nice to me and said I did great.

Also, we have changes on Wednesday and Elder Torres feels like he is going to leave. He has been in this area for 4 changes and has been in this zone for his whole mission. We figure out tomorrow for sure what happens.

One last thing. As you know, my area borders the south mission. And our stake is probably going to change boundries. That means that my branch may become a part of the stake that is in the south mission. I don't know if they will send us to another part and whitewash our area with missionaries from the south mission, or if the missionaries already in our branch would just switch to the south mission. So a bit of uncertainty in Rama Kokueré.

Con Cariño
Elder Jared

Ps: The offical name of the other mission is just Paraguay Asunción, but to me, they are the south mission

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