Monday, February 9, 2015

Fruits of our Labors

How is it in the states? I hope you guys aren't dying of heat in the beautiful spring weather there. Bottle up a bit and send it to me ok?? :)

This week has been a lonng week. Tuesday and Wednesday Elder Breton was out sick. I haven't gotten it though so that's lucky. I had my share of sickness these past few weeks. Now mom, I dont want you to worry when I say my share, I feel like the FLU and Strep was fair enough for me. So that was kinda dissapointing because last week our attendance was at an extremely low for the ward. We had 87 (Its low for our ward but pretty high compared to others). President McMullin wrote us asking if there was a problem because we have been constantly around 110 or so and last week it dropped. So this week the pressure was on. So we thought that we were done for this week because we lost 2 days. But we Decided to be suuper obedient and stuff. Every night the light was out at 10:30 on the dot and on at 6:30. We were able to get a solid 4 days of work in and on sunday we got to see our fruits. On Sunday our attendance was at an all time high for us we hit 130 (That's a difference of 43 people!! but the cool thing is we had around 15 less actives from our area there, and heres the best part, 10 investigators were at church!! 6 were from our area and 4 from the area of the hermanas. So we saw our fruits in the way of a miracle! It was great!!

So now its time for the spiritual thought. This week I studied the book of Ether (I've almost finished the Book Of Mormon in Spanish now, with help from English when I didn't understand very well). So basically Its just the history of the Jaredites and there was a constant cycle. There was a king, sometimes righteousness sometimes not, and his son rebelled and took over the kingdom, and then a different son would take back the kingdom for his father. But the thing that I noticed is that every time a king was righteous, Mormon said " y él vivó hasta un edad muy avanzada" Which basically means he lived until her was very old. I don't know what it says in English. From what i studied, Mormon said that for every righteous king and for the wicked king he says nothing. So moral of the story be righteous and you will be blessed :)

Love you all, Elder Jared

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