Monday, February 16, 2015

Suit Jackets, the sun, and soaking feet

 What do you get when you combine a suit jacket, the blazing sun and wet feet? You get one happy Elder Jared. This week has been the best week on my mission as of yet. You guys get a day by day review this week so enjoy it!

Monday-pday, they are always great. We played some soccer, ate some Burger King and wrote our familys. Pdays are always great :)

Tuesday- It was blazing hot. Another Elder who has a thermometer on his Backpack said it was 42 degrees celsius, which Is only 107 but it was hot. But then we got a huge rain storm. That brought it down to 20 celsius (68). So it was awesome to chill out a bit. But suprisingly this is not where the wet feet come in :) that will be later in the week :) so basically the week has been a week without the blazing sun beating down on us.

Wednesday- We were on divisions again. I was with Elder Zarabia in his area called Bella Vista. It's super Chuchi (it means rich :)) and after the 68 degree weather it was nice to get a warm shower :) but this day had a pretty good story. President McMullin has been pressing us to ask for references from the members and commit them to give us references. so we taught a lesson to the ward mission leader and when we committed her using a direct question, she said "you are the first companionship that I have seen to commit people like Preach my Gospel says!"
It was just neat to know we are doing something right :) but another cool thing is that after the lesson, she turned to me and said in very broken English, "Elder, you have the light in you" it was super neat to know that I am sharing light.

Thursday- this is the Highlight of my week. Its the first time this WEEK that I wear it (usually its once a month, but this week I wore it twice, I need to slow down before my suit gets worn out ;)). but WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!! It was a great opportunity because we only go to the temple once a year in April. But we reactivated a 17 year old and got him to take his father's name to the temple to be baptized!!! It was super awesome experience, it was a sacred temple trip. but basically I was witnessing and sometimes I could feel a certain energy, or better a certin joy that filled the room when people were baptized. It was absolutely amazing!! My favortie temple trip yet.

Friday- we had zone training and interviews with the president!! So thats day number two with the suit jacket!! It was great to talk with President McMullin for a bit. But the best part was the training. They talked about the importance of goal setting and how thats how you become your best self. So they gave us the opportunity to think and set goals personally and as a companionship for our missions. It was awesome :)

Saturday- It rained all day and our feet were wet allll day. But we were super happy. I really don't know why but we were. It's the spirit of goal setting I believe.

Sunday- We had a family reactivate!! It was the third time in 4 weeks so it was great to have that family officially active!! The fact that they reactivated was kind of a miracle. They were inactive because they lived super far from the chapel and he worked on Sundays (so that meant the family couldn't go?). But then he broke his leg, leaving him free to attend. The only problem was his leg. He didn't want to go for many weeks because it hurt him. Then one day we visited him and he said he didn't want us to come over and that he wanted God to heal him. But God didn't so he wasn't super happy. But we told him to go to church and the next week he did!  And now he is active and happy again!

So a great week it was!! I am just super happy!!

Elder Jared

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