Monday, March 30, 2015

Oh the people you meet

Another week already??? wow!! its hard to believe that we are on week 6 of the change. so that means that changes are next week. Right after conference, What a perfect way to end a transfer! We don't know who will stay and who will go, because we both have the same time here. It's very likely that we have changes, because we have been here a long time together, 3 changes now!! But its been a great three changes!

We had another good week number wise. We had 111 people at church, Now I know what your thinking, that 111 isnt close to 140. But it's a lot considering the challenges we had this week. The first challenge was that It was super rainy right before church, and most don't have cars and its really difficult for them to attend. The second problem is that we have a mini bus that goes and picks up the families that live far away and it got stuck in the mud!! So there were a good 20 active members that couldn't make it this week, bummer but still it was good to see that many people there despite the challenges.

Weather wise it was a tranquilo week.. rainy but not too rainy, so it was awesome, and for Grandma, there aren't any gutters, so when it rains, the streets turn into mini rivers, It's always fun crossing the street and avoid getting water in your shoes.

We had quite a funny experience this week. It happened Saturday night as we were walking home. We were passing a gas station and there was a guy that wanted to "talk" with us. We knew he was probably drunk so we just said we would go give him a chance. We under estimated how drunk he was the first thing he asks us is"Do mormons drink soda?" when we said yes, he was super surprised  and he was like "well lets get some soda then!!" We tried to explain to him that we were in a rush to go home but his mind was definitely focused on soda with the missionaries. So a drunk man bought us soda this week! It was a pretty funny experience because he was absolutely wasted.. It was hilarious.. Good times!

This week is called Semana Santa or Holy week, because its Easter week! and there's a Catholic tradition to not eat any meat from Friday on, but chicken and pork is ok to eat. Also they eat a ton of chipa. I don't know how to describe chipa, but it is easily one of my favorite foods. So for that I am really looking forward to this week.. But it only gets better from here.. Tomorrow morning we get to help this family SLAUGHTER A PIG!! haha definitely something to look forward to!! haha too pumped!! Then Wednesday, we have an appointment to help a hermana make chipa (which means eat chipa :)). and then Thursday a family invited us for dinner. and it's going to be awesome :) Ill tell you what it is next week. I just can't go around telling you all my plans right?? There has to be some suspense right?? haha so yeah, its going to be a pretty awesome week!!

On a spiritual note, I have been studying in 2 Nefi 28-29 and there are some things that I love here. They both are about the restoration and the Book of Mormon, But some of my highlights are

Chapter 28 vs 20-22 Which Nephi states are three ways that Satan traps us, I think the most interesting one for me is in vs 21. Nephi tells us that Satan convinces us to be lazy. That everything is good in Zion and we don't have to do anything. Always remember D&C 58:27. So that settles things. I hope you read those versus and study them

Also, the Church released another awesome video for Easter. Its similar to those of "Because of Him" and "He is the Gift" this time its called "Gracias a que el vive" which translates to "Because He Lives" They are super awesome and You can feel the spirit so strong from the videos. I hope you spread the word and post it on facebook, twitter or instagram. It can help Millions of people feel the love of God. And makes everyone happy!!

Con amor and felicidad,

Elder Jared

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