Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Man what an amazing week it has been. It has been such a good week!! Man thats 2 in a row!! Haha 2 super amazing weeks back to back. Im lovin it!!

But one thing that we have been focusing on is finding new people to teach. Nothing happens in missionary work unlesss we find people to teach so that's what we have been doing!! It's really hard because most people are just to nice to reject you, so they don't say no but you can tell that they really aren't interested. It's hard because you have to contact hundreds to find one person to teach, but that's what the Lord has called me to do so that's what I'm trying to do!! But we have been blessed to find some people to teach.

One was just a random tracting contact. We just started clapping and a lady came to the gate. We just started making small conversation and then she just let us in! Her name is Juani. So we just started teaching the restoration and she is very very open with us. She just starts telling us how shes catholic but how she doesnt like going to mass because she feels that a lot of people judge her for some reason. She told us that she isn't really looking to change religions but she will always accept us. But I believe that she will change her mind. I really hope she will progress.

Another cool contact that we had was when we were trying to find a reference. It was getting a little bit late but we were still trying to find the reference. So we were in the area but we didn't really know where so we were just tracting trying to find the reference. So we clap at this one house and they were sitting on their porch just talking and the very first thing they say to us is "Enter!" and we were like... ok.. because this dosn't happen very often. Their names are Marta, Lorena and Magali. They are all sisters and very interested. They told us that they were willing tochange everything if they knew that the Book of Mormon was true. They too are very open and have lots of questions. We went back yesterday and they are reading and praying to see if the Book is true!! Haha I have a lot of hope for them! More progression to come!!

Yeah. so a pretty Stella week this week. I really enjoyed it!

Elder Jared

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