Monday, September 7, 2015

Power of the Book of Mormon and the Spirit

I cannot believe it is September already! Man the time is really flying out here. It's hard to believe that I have been in Paraguay almost exactly a year! I left the MTC In Argentina September 9th, so that means Wednesday will be an exact year!! it Has been a  wonderful year. Learning a new language and learning some guarani. I really love Paraguay. The people are so friendly and easy to talk with, I truly love it here.

Had another great week here in Emboscada. I had some really neat experiences that I will talk about later.

Elder Garcia and I had a really cool contact this week. We were waiting for a bus to go to one of the farther parts of our area and just doing some simple street contacting. We were doing this for about 20 minutes, gotten some references to pass and some people to visit. And then they came. Basically they contacted us. They saw us from a distance and they were like "Hey Elders!! When are you going to come visit us?" So we go and just start talking with them. Get their information. We thought they were members just from the way that they talked with us. But as our bus came we asked them if they were members, they said "No, But we want to be!" But the thing is. They live in the area of the other elders. So to bad. They were really great people. Their names are Arnaldo and Miriam. Hopefully I will be able to visit them on divisions.

This next experience is one that I will remember forever and ever. It was a true manifestation of the power of the Book of Mormon when the Spirit was with us. We were at the house of a recent convert named Lourdes, She is very active and is preparing to leave on a mission. But she starts telling us a certain situation that she needed help with. As Elder Garcia and I were wondering what we were going to share we felt prompted to read the Book of Mormon with her using the Chapter that she was about to read. The Chapter was 3 Nephi 1. And It applied directly to her situation. It kinda scared her that it helped her so much. As we were reading you could just see the light of understanding in her eyes as she learned to apply the chapter in her life. It was another powerful manifestation of the power of the Holy Ghost. It was incredible.

It was a really amazing week. I have loved every minute of this week and look forward to next week!

Elder Jared

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