Monday, March 21, 2016

The past two weeks

Man sorry to all of those that didn't get my email last week. But I just gotta send a worldwide shout out to my Little bro/best friend who got his mission call to Buenos Aires!! Argentina is sure lucky to have you bro!! I am so so excited for you i know you will love it!! So that's really the Reason why I didn't write last week!! So I hope to fill you all in today!!

To start off, Ill tell you about my new Companion. His name is Elder Profit and he is from Ivans, Utah. It's Great because he is fresh from the MTC. It's so much fun being with a new missionary.I feel like I'm re-living my training just from another point of view! Its funny because he does some of the exact same things that I did. Things that I've adjusted to that he thinks is weird. So Basically I love being with him. Even though he does struggle a bit with Spanish, he is making great great progress. He is a great worker and loves being obedient. So Basically we get a long pretty well. And all I can say its going to be pretty hard or me to be lazy(not that I want to) with him.He is full of energy and  I am so glad that he came to me at the finish line to help me go to the end. We work really well and have tons o fun together. So i love it. hes so great.

But the work is going really really well here. We have been focusing a lot on the members. Specifically the leaders to help them get animated to help us in the work. SO for the past 3 weeks, we have had some outstanding ward councils.  It was funny to hear a leader say "it feels so good to help the members!!" and that Is so so true. there is so much more excitement in the leaders and we have a great plan and goals that we will be fighting to meet. One example of the work of ou council is we have planned to do this huge service project for a family of recent converts that are living under some very very humble circumstances. The leaders are so ready to help. I feel as if we aren't alone in the work anymore!! I its such a great feeling having lots of people on the same page. So good things are to come in Huguito!!

We had a very interesting doorstep conversation this week. we just decided to clap on this mans door and initially he just says no. So I ask him why and he says that some missionaries tried to convince him that he needed to be baptized. So here is a summarized version of our conversation

Him: "how many times was Jesus Baptized?"
Us: "Once."
H:"I was baptized as a child"
U:"We need to do it right the first time"
followed by discussion about the correct form of baptism
H:"Well I'm not Jesus Christ"
U:" Do you want to be like him?"
U:"Then don't you think it would be important to follow his example exactly?"
No Reply
H: "I'm busy, Come back later:"

Yup so that is basically it.It was a little bit sad just thinking about how he thinks he can change the doctrine of salvation. SO it was sad. But we had a fun conversation. I think it was worth it.

We also heard that we got paid to baptize people. That was something new for me. So I just said that we get blessed that's it. They seemed to accept it.

Also, something super funny from last week. It was Elder Profits first meal with a member and what do they feed us? Alligator. Yup. Alligator. It was actually really really good. It was a lot like chicken just a little tougher. It actually was one o my favorite things that I have eaten here. Loved it!!!

I love you all!!!!!
Elder Jared the older (I feel like that's how I have to sign out now because of my little bro!!)

with Elder Johnson

With new companion, Elder Profit and President & Sister McMullin

Study time

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