Monday, March 7, 2016

The Last Week of the Change

Well its been another week!! It honestly suprises me every week just how quickly the week passes by. This last week was the last week of the change (I think English missionaries use transfers, but in spanish its "cambios" which means changes). So we find out tomorrow if we have changes.Elder Polo has like 6 months here, so its probable that he goes. It kinda makes me sad, because that means I only have three changes left. Its crazy how quickly time has gone by. But thats enough trunky talk. This week was a good week!

We are still working with Victor. He has found  a huge help in the Book of Mormon and Prayer, but has still be struggling with attending church. We have seen huge progression with him. he still is trying to quite smoking and drinking. Its a struggle thats going to take time. But this week we had planned to pick him up sunday morning to go to church together. You could just tell that he really wanted to go to church. So everything was tranquilo. Then sunday morning at like 5:45 in the morning, he called us. Elder Polo talked with him and from what Elder Polo told me he sounded like he was crying. He told us that he had gone to a party. Repeatedly he told us that he was sorry that he wouldnt go to church. We feel like he truly was sorry. but thats the start of the repentance process. Hopefully he realizes what he did wasnt good and will start to act more. Be more wise in his choices. Hopefully his progression will start to accelerate.

Not much else has happened this week. We are starting to see a lot more desire from the ward leaders in the work. They are starting to get more organized and doing their visits. Its a huge relief for us. we feel that we arent alone in the work anymore. It really helps a lont knowing we arent alone.

Im not sure what else to say. Mom sent me pictures of a possible apartment and I lost my train of thought... oops!! Hah but I love you all!!

Elder Jared

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