Monday, April 18, 2016

The Last Week

So this last week was the last week of this transfer! Its hard for me to believe that 6 weeks have already passed since I've been with Elder Proffit. honestly, Its been a great great change. We have seen a lot of progress in the ward and the members. There just seems to be lots of excitement in the members and that shows by our attendance yesterday. we reached an all time high for over 2 years with 87 people in church. It was so great just to see the chapel full. the Bishop was ecstatic and the leaders were so happy! There is a lot of excitement and with next week being ward conference, the members are going to be working so hard! Haha so I am excited for this week!! We are anticipating a lot this week, so everything is set up to be a great week!! Haha

But last week I promised a little report on our investigators, a lot of them seem like they wont progress, they just have made some excuses each time we've come to their door, but ill give a little update on all of our investigators!

Eduardo Ozuna is a little 10 year old of an active family. he was baptized when he was 8, the only thing is that he never went all the way under. they did it 3 times and the third time he got scared and just left the font, but he seems like hes ready to be baptized, we are just working a lot on getting his trust back, he has a date for the 7th of may. I feel like he will be baptized this time even though he is super shy. But he is progressing well.

Then we have Victor Azuada. He is a great investigator that has quit smoking since we have been teaching him. he really has huge desires to change. It really is incredible how the atonement of Jesus Christ has changed his life. he recognizes that he has changed, but still hast to change a lot. he is a trooper.

Next is Luz, she is an investigator that we had found contacting a few weeks ago. she is really interested and she seems like she will progress. she wants to go to church, the only problem is finding time to teach her. She is incredibly hard to find, but when we find her, the lessons are spectacular. The spirit is always with her because I believe she is earnestly seeking the truth.

That's really all of the investigators that seem like they will progress as of now. But something really awesome that happened this week is we had a huge service project for a family in our ward, they actually are recent converts and they live in very humble circumstances. Their names are Dani and Liz Paola. They have 4 little kids with 1 on they way and their house is literally sticks and bags with a roof. So as a ward, members donated time and talent to help their house, we were able to install water into their house replacing their roof and rewiring their house. The change was incredible. They were so happy and they were able to relieve a little bi of stress with that. Their home is a lot more comfortable and they are happy so I am happy!!

i love you all and if you have specific questions, just write me and Ill do my best to respond to them!!

Elder Jared

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