Monday, April 11, 2016

Summer's Last Laugh

Man this has been a good week of such great work!!  We had a great week of work this week so that always a good sign for a missionary!! But what made this week so great?? SO let me tell you...

Well, first of all, on Tuesday, we had the opportunity to attend the temple!!
 It was so great to be able to enter into the lords house. Every time its a special time. there is just so much peace, so much joy that I have when I enter into the temple. As a missionary I am sad to say that It was my last time. The temple will be closed when I go home so i was Kinda sad for this to be my last time. But I have to say, that this time was such a good learning opportunity.  I learned a lot and was spiritually revitalized. I love this Asuncion temple so much. It may be small, but Just like every other temple it is incredible. So That is such a great way to start off the week. 

I named this email because i feel like this week was summers last shot at making us miserable. Because man, it was hot this week. It had been cooling down but it shot up this week. But we had a nice rainstorm this week and everyone says that It should start cooling down. Making things a little bit more comfortable for us! So I hope that it stays cool!

But the other thing that happened this week that w<as so great is that we found 8 new investigators!! ( Ins quite incredible and never in my mission have I found so many in 1 week!! we found them all contacting! It was a great testimony builder knowing that contacting works!! but we will see how much they progress, some of them didn't seem to interested, but they accepted the baptismal invitation! ill tell more about the ones that Progress next week.

We are still working with Victor. He is doing well and has great desires of getting baptized. He really wants to change and is willing to do all he can to change. He has a date for the 28th of April, and he seems pretty firm for that date!! SO I am happy for everything that is happening here!! I love you all!!

Elder Jared

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