Thursday, August 28, 2014

I love It I Love It!!!

Man! a whole other week has passed my! how lucky is that?? I have been asked to share more details so i will try my best today!

First off, the weather, Its usually like 20 degrees or something. Remember thats Celsius, we had a rain storm the past few days but that didnt keep us from playing soccer!! Right now at the CCM there are only 20 missionaries, because a lot just left on tuesday. But we are getting a ton more today! like 60 more and 40 of them are from Los Estados Unidos, Which is going to be fun! There are usually latinos in my room, last week whe had two companionships, so that was 4 latinos, and another Norte Americano companionship, so our room was absolutely filled to the brim!! Its tons of fun though!!

The CCM Is awesome, Its all the same everyday though, but we have tons of fun studying. My district is the greatest district in the world. We have already started planning a reunion for after our missions!!! so we will see how that turns out! Most of the people in my district are from Utah, but we have 2 from Idaho,1 from Cali, Illinois, and Canada. It has been soo much fun getting to meet everyone. The studying does get hard but thats when I work the best. I just focus and get to work. Its amazing how much the Lord blesses our lives and all we have to do is look for them and they will be there! So I challenege you all to take a look and count you blessings.

Prosyleting was a little bit slower this week, a lot of people werent interested but we tried our very best, we got really good at giving out pamphlets and Libros de Mormóns. We them all out this time! It felt so good because our numbers were a bit low but when we made a contact its was a quality contact. Our ratio of contacts to lessons is pretty good :) so I can Handle that. Haha

We are all dying to know whats going on back in the states. So if anything major happens, let me know! Ill keep you all in the loop on my mission if i get some news every now and then! Deal? ok good :)

I am doing so well here, I know I was supposed to go to this CCM. I have felt the lords presence in my life more than ever and its the greatest felling in the world. All I can say is that I am in love with my mission.

Elder Brandon Jared

Buenos Aires Argentina Temple


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