Thursday, August 7, 2014

First Week Accomplished! :)

Hola Familia y amigos!

Man! its been a week and I feel like I said goody a month ago! Its been sooo busy here! After I got through security i walked to my gate and there was probably 60 or 70 other missionaries there. It was like the Army of Heleman in the Latter days! it was so amazing to see us all there! There are about 20 of us going down to argentina and the rest were going to england. it was so comforting to know that there wasnt only 4 of us! I dozed off on the plane from Atlanta to Argentina and it hit me like a brick wall. I wasnt going to see any of you for two years. Thats a long time for me. But i know what im doing is right and I have felt gods blessings filling my life. When we first go to the MTC (or as the call it in argentin the CCM. Dont ask me what it stands for because I dont know:)) My first thought is that it was so small! I guess there are 66 missionaries and this is the most they have had at once. I would say half of us are North Americans, and the other half is Latinos. And the only way to communicate with the Latinos is to speak spanish! So the learning spanish has been fast and furious. But McKenna was right! I am suprised to see how much i remember! and I can talk with them! Its been soo cool to see how God has blessed me in opening my mouth and speaking a forgien language. We do everything in spanish. We talk in spanish, we write in spanish and we pray in spanish. and I love it.

My companion is Elder Olsen from Lindon! He is a pretty amazing guy! his spanish is incredible and his will to talk is awesome! To bad he is going to Uruguay because i would love to have him go to Paraguay with me. I love him as a companion!

with first companero Elder Olsen

I am so glad to be here in Argentina because this CCM is absoluteluy awesome! Its small enough that everyone know everyone and you can talk with the CCM president like everyday! I doubt you could do that in Provo! and the food here is absolutely phenomanel(?) ( I guess that learning a ne language effects your old one ;)) Im suprised i havent gained like 100 pounds the food here is so good. I have to keep myself from going back for more because I know I will gain weight! Haha. I did eat one nasty thing, It was Blood Sausage. Basically the cook the blood of a pig so it like turns into jello then they stuff it into the intestine and let it sit for a week. The flavor wasnt that bad but the texture was absolutely terrible. Nasty! but other than that it is way good. Friday is my favorite dinner because thay have whats called an Asada. It basically means a grill and they cook the best steak I have ever had!

Remember those latinos? Yeah we challenged them to a little game of soccer. You would have thought we would have destryed them right? :) well the first game we tied 4-4 but the second time they kicked our trash. But I love playing with them. And I am getting better at soccer which makes me happy!

I am almost out of time and i have other emaisl to right so ill leave you guys with my testimony. The CCM is hard. The language is hard. But feeling the spirit in every moment is worth it. I know what I am doing here is what God has in store for me. I love Him and I love this Gospel

With love from Argentina,

Elder Jared
PS-I cant send pictures until my last week. So you will get to see everything then!

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