Thursday, August 14, 2014

Like Nephi of Old...

This is just for the fam. You can send it to Gma and Gpa and the aunts to.

There once was a young man a long time ago. He and his family were moving far far away to a land across the seas. He knew not whar it would be like or how long it would take, but he trusted in the lord to keep him safe. While traveling to the sea, a sea he did not know how to cross, his father recieved a prompting to return to their home to recieve something they lost. This young man, obedient and brave, said to his father with out a second thought "i will go and do that which the lord has commanded"

There once was a young man just two weeks ago, who was moving to a forgien land, a land he did not know. He didnt know what it would be like or how to speak the language. But he trusted in the lord to keep him safe. Admist the toil and sorrow of leavinghis family, he turned to his father, his father in heaven without a second though and prayed with all his might "Lord I am going and doing the thing that thou has commanded, but i need thy comfort and thy holy ghost."
Im sure Nephi missed his family almost as much as i miss you. Our missions were fastly different but by accomplishing them we both are becoming closer to god.

Oh how much i miss you. Im sure Nephis mom Dad, and sisters missed him while he was gone. I I hope you have missed me to (just a bit) Haha. I have felt God blessing me and i know he is blessing you. I love you soooo soooo much!

With all my love,
Elder Brandon Jared

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