Monday, November 24, 2014


My Dearest family and friends,

So Elder Torres has been recovering from his little operation, so that meant no talking for basically the whole week. So I had to do all the teaching and stuff like that. It was hard because I still can't understand everything people say. But I survived the week. and I learned so much. Last night Elder Torres and I were talking (because he is healed enough to do that now) and he said that he was proud of me and the way that I handled things. So that made me super happy. It was a fantastic end to a rough week for the both of us.

Like always we have had trouble getting people to church. Our family said they were going to come, but the didn't show!  They said they slept past their alarm clock and didn't wake up in time for all the classes. I think I forgot to explain that this branch does the classes things opposite. They have priesthood first then Sunday School (for us its called Principos del Evangelio or Priciples of the Gospel) for recent converts, menos activos and investigators and THEN we have sacrament. So any way, we called them right after our Principios del Evangelio and they said they had unexpected visitors. And once again, we were frustrated.

Anyway, to the subject line. Miracles. We visited this family on Monday night and while we were talking their dogs went out into the street to play with some other dogs, when a Jeep runs directly over one of the family's dogs (naturally the Jeep didn't stop. People just don't care about that stuff here). The dog was squealing so loud and it was bleeding from the mouth and from the leg. you could see tire tracks through the dog's body. I think it was a miracle that it didn't die instantly. 

So we visited again on Saturday and whose the first to greet us? That dog, It was running and jumping and barking and playing just like any normal dog. It was an absolute miracle. As we were talking with the family, they said that she was pregnant and lost her baby, which was sad, but it was still a miracle nonetheless.

I don't have much more for this week! Until the next,

Elder Jared
Hey so this is our Christmas decorations. I don't know if it will get much better than this!


Also we did a kiosk and just contacted a ton. The question translates to "How can I find peace and happiness?"

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