Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The last week

The last week of the change has come and gone! Super quick! We are thinking that Elder Galdámez is going to leave. He's been here about 6 months (4 changes) and he is ready to go. So tomorrow we will find out.

So for maybe his last Pday here we *hiked* up a hill that overlooked Aregua and the lake. It was super pretty and took some fun pictures. We hiked it with Elder Jensen (My buddy from the CCM) and Elder Choque from Bolivia. It was awesome and reminded me a tiny bit of home. But not really. Lots of pictures to come!!

So this last Friday was mothers day here. Basically it was a long weekend for people to get drunk. So we had some fun talking with drunk people. They are always so funny. They will be drunk out of their mind but then they want the word of God. So usually we will read a random scripture from the Bible and then talk about it a little bit. Then when we see them the next day they won't remember anything.. It's sad but it's funny. haha

So we had a lesson with a Drunk Investigator... It was extremely difficult because we would try to share something with her and she would talk about something else. But in the end she told us she really wanted to change and be baptized. So I hope she remembers that desire when she is sober.

We had another huge rain storm Saturday night.. WE thought that it would wreck our attendance, but it didnt!! We had a lot of people show up which was awesome!! Work pays off!!

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