Monday, August 31, 2015

Area Conference

Man this week few by... it passed in a blink of an eye! Wow! Haha but this week was a great week. We didn't have normal Sunday meetings because we had an Area Conference, or a satellite conference with all the stakes in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. It was awesome. It was presided by Elder Richard G. Scott and Elder Quentin L. Cook. There was a Huge focus on the sabbath day and missionary work. It was an amazing conference. so much wisdom and peace came from the mouth of our leaders specifically for this area of the world.

Our area president (Walter Gonzalez) spoke to us and he spoke to us about using our different types of media to preach the Gospel. Such as facebook, instagram, text messaging and stuff. It was really kind of ironic because we have been asking our mission president for permission to share a spiritual message over the radio station that a member owns! Haha so talk about using all the media! Haha we still have to get permission from our president to do it though. But it would be great if we could.

Aldonsa is progressing really well. She is really focused on getting baptized. She is changing a lot. It is amazing to see how much the Gospel can change lives when we let it! She loves the Book of Mormon and loves going to church with her family. SOowhen she gets baptized, that will be one step closer to an eternal family!!

We have another investigator named Luz. She is like nine years old and her best friend is a member. She really wants to be baptized and has a date for the 19th. She is super happy and loves going to church! Haha!

We have found a few potential investigators. We are always super busy retaining recent converts! The work doesn't work unless the workers work! haha I hope that makes sense. But I'm working and I loving it!!

Elder Jared

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