Monday, November 16, 2015

This has been such a great week for me. I have had a lot of fun this week walking under the blazing hot sun. I've got a few good stories for ya so I hope you enjoy.

The first story: I was on Divisions with Elder Ramirez (from Peru) and we were walking home for lunch. We were on a path that wasn't very populated. We could hear lizards running around through the bush. As we were looking for some lizards and suddenly we see this flash of green and suddenly there is a snake strangling a lizard. It all happened so quickly it was unreal. But Mom and Grandma, don't worry, the snake wasn't close to us so we were safe. But then Elder Ramirez grabs a stick and pulls the snake and lizard out of the bushes and kills the snake to take it home. It was pretty awesome to see something happen so fast. So that explains pictures this week.

Then on Wednesday, Sister Fleitas asked us to give a blessing to her granddaughter Milagros. She wasn't doing to well and they were thinking of taking her to the hospital but wanted the blessing first. So we give the blessing and she just sleeps. So we leave and we passed by Thursday to see how Milagros was doing. She was perfectly normal happily running and playing. It was a huge testimony builder for me on the priesthood.

Also this week were elections for the mayor of Emboscada. The voting was Sunday and it honestly was a mad house, so many people were there. There was lots of drinking and smoking so Elder Bustillos and I decided that It would be best if we avoided the town and went to one of the outlaying areas to work. Everything was calm over there but as it was time to go home, the results came in and everything just exploded.. We knew that we had to get home ASAP. So we basically start running, well not running, just walking super fast. We were walking down the main road and there were so many people out on the streets celebrating. they filled cars and trucks and buses with people to go celebrate in the center. We were about 2 miles from the center but we just knew that we had to go and get home. As we are walking through the center there is so much beer and drunk people, loud music and we knew we weren't going to sleep a wink with worries of drunks and loud music. But then out of the dark sky we see a huge storm cloud roll in. The cloud came out of nowhere. It seriously just appeared. There was tons of rain and lightning. So that stopped the party. We were able to sleep peacefuly last night. I know that God was watching out for us last night. I know it.

I hope you see as many miricales as I do!

Elder Jared

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