Monday, December 7, 2015

A Bag of Noodles --

Yes I know.. Very interesting interesting subject line wouldn't you say?? What does a bag of noodles have to deal with missionary work? To help you understand we have to take a trip back in time.. back to last May......

Kast May the assistants to the President came to our district meeting. They did an object lesson that really helped. They had two bowls full of two types of noodles. Most of them were big noodles that were shaped like a elbows and there were a few of the same noodles, but much much smaller... I hope you understand what I mean... but each companionship had 2 minutes too find as many of the small noodles as we could. By the end of the two minutes, we could find maybe 2 or 3 little ones. Nothing more. We had to search through all the big ones to find them. They related it to how we have to contact everyone, to find the ones that are ready.

I hope you understand the activity... But this week Elder Bustillos and I were thinking about that a lot this week. We were focusing a lot on finding. putting our hands into the bowl of noodles and as for now we have found a bunch of big noodles.. SO its been pretty dificult just not finding anyone to teach this week.. But that just means that our "2 minutes" just aren't up. We didn't give up and yesterday we calculated that we must have talked with nearly 200 new people this week. 200 people had the opportunity to hear the message of Jesus Christ. So that animated us a lot. We felt that we had done well.

But Nicanor and Reina weren't able to attend this week. We go every Thursday now so we will see what they need.

Familia Fleitas is happy as ever. Ceferino is really animated to work and help less actives come back into the fold.-

Not much else to say. It was just a week of the same ol same ol. But I will send more pictures this week

Love you bunches

Elder Jared

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