Monday, February 29, 2016

More training!!

Well so last week we had quite a bit of training with zone conference and with stake conference. And this week we got the cherry on top!! Because Elder Bednar visited the south america south area and we had an area wide mission conference. More than 6000 missionaries involved. It was pretty awesome. Elder Bednar talked more about teaching repentance. But he really gave some pretty good advice. I really liked something that he says. He says that there is a tradition in the church that we will take lots of notes and really love the talks, but then a few weeks later we lose the notes and don't use them. He compared it to the Book of Mormon. Because the Book of Mormon is basically split up into 2 plates. The large plate and the small plates. The large plates were for the historical record (wars and stuff like that) and the small plates were for the teachings of the prophets. He encouraged us to "write on small plates" or write what the spirit tells us. not the speaker. He told us that it will make the notes more meaningful and help us use them more. So these past few days, I really have been focusing on "writing on my small plates" and It is incredible the change I have seen in my studies, It really does help. its a lot harder, but its worth a lot more. So I encourage you to start writing on the small plates :) but other than that, Missionaries were able to asked Elder Bednar questions and it was fun. Elder Bednar really is quite funny. It was fun to see that side of him, but it really was something special receiving the training with him.

Richard is still doing well. He was sustained for his Aaronic Priesthood this week and is looking forward to going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. He is always doing well!! Haha

We haven't been able to find Victor this week. He has started his studies again so he can finish high school. So he has been really busy. But from when we talk with him on the phone he sounds like he is doing really good. He is still reading to book of Mormon, But we are struggling with him to go to church. Its always a battle, but I think if we can meet with him, he will go. He says he loves going.

We found a new family this week, they are called the Perez family. They are hardcore baptists, but we had a fun conversation with them. It was fun helping them use understand the bible and using to prove our doctrine. We didnt bible bash which was good. Just a good lesson. haha I loved it. Its fun talking with people that actually understand a little bit of the bible!

So it seems like the Paraguayan summer is starting to calm down. I don't want to jinx myself, but its been a tad cooler this week. So grateful for that!!! Haha love you all

Elder Jared

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