Monday, May 2, 2016

And the cold comes rolling in!

This week was a pretty good week. There most definatly were ups and downs to the week. One Good thing that happened this week is that we had a cold front move in this week!! Which was quite a relief knowing that I had beat the Paraguayan heat! its a relief to not be sweating all day walking in the blistering sun!

We had been working with an investigator named Eduardo Ozuna for a long time now. His family is active (except for his Dad) and he was baptized when he was 8 but what happened was that he never went fully under, so after 4 attempts at being baptized, he got scared and just left the font. So for 2 years, missionaries have been passing by their house trying to help him. And for the first time in these 2 years, he had accepted a baptismal date. We have been working with him about his fear of water and he was starting to be more confident in being baptized. So we were super excited for him to be baptized this weekend. But Saturday we were talking with his Dad about it and his Dad basically just said "we are going to do it another date. End of Story." We tried asking him why and he said he didnt know about the date. Which is a complete lie because we had talked about it with him many times. and his wife and Eduardo had talked about it. So it was just really frustrating for me. So Theres the Struggle between helping the Father (The ward and we have been working real hard with putting goals with him to be worthy to baptize but he just wasnt meeting the goals) and helping his son recieve the remision of his sins through repentance and baptism. Its quite a dificult balance to find! But we are praying very hard for them so that Eduardo can be baptized.

So That happened like saturday. and that really put a huge bummer on our day. We were really just kind of disanimated at that point. So we just decided to continue with our plans. We had recieved a refrence from a member that we decided to check out. And It was a great lesson that we had. her name is Maria De los Angeles, but everyone calls her Angie for short. She is 12 years old and is the sister of the member. So we just decided to stop by and see her and she lets us in really quick. She immediatly pulls out all of the pamphelts with the missionary lessons and the Book of Mormon and the Gospel Principle book. She had been studying a little bit! She had been to church so we started talking about her expirence in the Church and she told us that she loved it. She said that going just wanted her to change and to be better! I think that pretty rare for a 12 year old girl. so yeah. Super awesome. so then we teach the restoration to her and she honestly loved it! She said that she wanted to know what the true church is and she feels like it was an answer for her! But she really wanted to recieve a firm firm confirmation so she said she will pray about it! It was so great seeing something so awesome right after sucha dower of a lesson with Eduardos Dad. The Lord always seems to lift me up after something like that happenes!! I love him!!

Victor was called into work this Sunday, So once again, we have to wait for another week. But he says that he feels ready., It was cool because in the past lessons, hes been telling us that he had to work through some things, but this week he told us that he felt he was ready. He truly is repenting and the change in him has been incredible. I really hope he can go to church next week. I love you all!!!

Elder Jared

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