Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 3 with a Week 2 report!


How are you all doing?? Ive  had a great week here in Paraguay. Its been a fun week this week. There isnt a ton to update on. Its just been another week here in the mission. And Ive enjoyed every minute of it.Ill just give a quick update this week

WE were able to put a date with Angie for the 25th of June. She is super excited. She immediatly accepted the date and she told us that she is super excited. Its really been a big miracle with her. A member reference, She got permission from her Dad (HUGE blessing) and she is doing very, very well. She is reading the Book of Mormon and Praying. She knows its true. Shes told us many times. She is doing very well.

Victor isn really progressing anymore. Its very hard to find him at home and its just been a little bit rough to find him. But we will be focusing on him this week and hopefullyhe will progress.

Kinda had a funny expirence yesterday. We were just walking back home last night and on the way home we passed by a drunk guy. Hes one of those neighborhood drunks that you always just know hes not in his own mind. But last night, as I passed by he started talking about how USA eliminated Paraguay, He wasnt really happy about that and he said that he would never talk to an american again. Its kinda sad, but I think of it more as being funny. Honestly Drunk people are some of the funniest people to talk to, but its not always a good thing.

Thats all for this week!! Love you all

Elder Jared

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