Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 5 Review

II can hardly believe that week 5 has come and gone... it still amazing to me how fast time flies, I thought Id be used to it by now but I guess not... Thats how crzy fast time is going ... Man Its been a good week. I had a lot of fun this week. Things are starting to change here in the mission. The first thing that happened was that we met our new Mission President. His name is President Evans and He is from Illinios. He seems like such a great guy and you could feel that he and his wife had so much love for us. Thats one of the things that many people felt from President Mcmullin and his wife.  And that was oneof the first impressins that I had from President Evans and his wife. So Im sure that the mission will be in good hands. Its really a shame that I wont get to Know President Evans super great, but from what I have seen He will be a fantastic president.

This week we had a good week. We actually have found somemore people the teach. Theres one that we found named Raquel. She Is a very intertesting girl. She seems really interested I dont know if she will start progressing but it seems like she might start progressing. so I guess the other elders will see if she progresses

Its really wierd for me right now knowing that I wont be seeing the fruits of my work now. But I know that I need to leave the field ripe and ready to harvest so that the work  can continure. Thats the way things work and I love Huguito so I want to leave it with many fruits. love you all
Elder Jared

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