Monday, November 10, 2014

The Power of the Father

Today has been a great week!! We still havent found someone new to teach, everyone that we talk to just say someother time, we ask when would be more appropriate and they just walk away. But on the good side we had some investigators go to church!! It was the first time I have had an investigator at church. And the story behind them going is pretty neet.
So my area has been trying to get this family to go to church since June. But they havent gone at all (which is funny because they tell us that when people ask what religion they are they say Mormon, Which is super purete.). We havent been able to teach the dad because he actually works all day and he doesnt get home till late. So during weekly planning we were pondering what we could do for the family to get to church and we both felt inspired to write a letter to the dad. So we wrote him telling him how much influence he has on his family and we invited him to church. And as we were teaching his family on Thursday, he came home early. So a little miracle there, and we talked to him. And of course the letter came up and he said that he didnt know he was invited to church, so naturally we invited him and he saud he would come. A lot of paraguyans say they will come but then they dont, so we were a little bit worried, and we couldnt go pick them up because they live 30 minutes away by bus. But he came and brought his family!! So I have a strong feeling that we will have some baptisms soon.. So thats the power of a father, A family not going to church for 5 months, then one letter and they come. So to my dad and all the future fathers that get this letter, always remember your influence. Its powerful and has eternal consequenses.
in other news we had a lady tell us that there were Zombies in the Dominican Republic. Supposedly they stuff some herbs down a corpse and it revives them. And you can tell if they are a zombie because their eyes are just white with a black dot. Haha. Also that same day some guy tried to convince us that Jesus Christ died in Japan. I dont know where some people get these ideas. I think its really funny.
My mom has been wondering about how much service we do. And sadly, we dont do much labor. There are abunch of people outside doing stuff that we can help, and we always ask but they say no. But sometimes they will offer us water and so while they are inside getting water we just finish the job for them. I think they like that but they dont say. One service that i do get to do quite often is teach english. Right now I am teaching two people. One of them is the stake president and the other is an investigator. So thats always fun. When I came on my mission I expected to do alot of street contacting and not so much tracting. As it turns out, we dont do much street contacting and a lot of tracting. Elder Torres says its more effective in this area because you cant tell where people on the streets are going. Dont get me wrong, we still do street contacing, just not a ton. maybe 35% of our contacts are from street contacting.
In great news, our AC Got fixed! naturally it was this morning so we havent been able to enjoy it as much, But we studied in the room that has the vent. It was Blissful. Also, our water got fixed so we have hot water! so in the morning, I switch the water from hot to cold. just because I can. And Tonight, we are going to get the room super cold and take a warm shower tomorrow. Im super excited. 
So If you have any specific questions Email me and Ill do my best to answer them!!
With love from Paraguay, 
Elder Jared

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