Monday, November 3, 2014

When it rains it pours

So first of all, shout out to my rediculously awesome (old but not too old) half marathon running machine Dad!! He turned a young 52 on sunday and to celebrate the day before he runs a half marathon! Congrats on the birthday and breaking your goal pops :) also, Shout out to Kenna for running too!! Those times are great!!

So according to the subject line, we had a storm. I was praying for some rain and boy rain is what I got. It started on thursday. Just a little bit here and there but not much. Then Friday was about the same, just a tad bit more. Then Saturday morning At 4:30 the heavens opened. It started pouring buckets and the streets started turning into mini rivers. It was easily the best storm I have ever witnessed. The best way I could think to have described it was like a dance party. The lightning was like a strob light and the thunder was a constant rumble. Elder Torres and I counted lightning strike and there was 12 in 15 seconds.... It was awesome! and it lasted till like 6 in the morning... so I lost some sleep but it was a super awesome storm, totally worth it.

With all that water came some problems for some people with flooding, we were excpecting to spend all day with helping people with the water, but most people had it undercontrol when we asked them. I was a little bit sad because I was looking forword to helping out. But I guess its a good thing that people didnt need our help.

We havent had any luck contacting people from our area book. They just dont answer or arent home when we go. So tough luck there. But on ther bright side, we found a man whos is super less active.  Like he hadnt been to church in over 10 years. But he came to church with us and he even bore his testimony which was super sweet. In elders quorum, we were talking about families and he piped up and said "I dont have any kids, But my lady has 8!" the next class was a lesson on the law of chastity so that was quite the coincidence. All the priesthood got a kick out of him.

Still no luck on getting investigators to church so once again, dissapointing.

I went on divisions with Elder Mendoza for an afternoon. Elder Mendoza is from Utah but he speaks spanish. Our companions had to go to a meeting and so we had to do splits. Oh by the way, he is even newer than me (he has two weeks on the mission compared to my 8) so I had to be the senior comp for the afternoon. Which was a bit overwhelming especially because I still cant understand everyone. But It was actually a super good split. We taught some of my investigators who were struggling with reading the Book Of Mormon. They said they didnt read because they couldnt learn anything. So we read the first chapter of 1 Nefi and stopped every three verses and asked what they learned, They first verses they said they didnt learn anything, so we told them to focus on little things, like who was writing and their situatuion and stuff. And by the end of the chapter they were learning lots both about little stuff and they were starting to think about deeper stuff. So that was super Purete.

And then there was Halloween... Which means nothing down here but everyone knows about it. So no candy or anything for me. Just another day in the life of a missionary. But its ok, I can celebrate it in 2 years. Jaja

Thats all for this week. I love you all and love hearing from you!
Elder Jared

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