Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Ups and the Downs

So this week has been quite the week!! You might notice that I am writing on a Tuesday instead of Monday. But this is with permission from the President. Basicall,y I couldn't write much yesterday because we were going from doctor to doctor. Elder Torres has had a cyst on his tongue that has been growing and he decided to get it removed. So the President's wife had scheduled an appointment in Asunción for a consultation (Asunción is about and hour and a half collectivo ride away). That doctor said it wasnt anything to worry about and he would have removed it if it had been on his lip. But it was his tongue so we had to go to a different doctor. He looked at it and said he thought it should be removed but he didn't have time to do it right then. So we didn't get back home till 7 that night and the pday was over. And so this morning, we had to go back to Asunción for the little operation. He is in a little bit of pain right now and he is having trouble speaking. So the pressure is on me for a day or two. By the way, The church has a program called 12 weeks, Its just a guide to help missionaries adjust to the field, but this week I get to be the senior companion for the week. So I get the cell phone and take the lead in planing and teaching. So I guess that Elder Torres having trouble speaking came at an opportune moment!

We challenged our investigators that came to church last week with a date on Nov. 26. They were super excited for it. But the day after, they had a family emergency in another city so they couldn't make it to church. They were super sad but there wasn't much we could do about that.

I had my first "Andi Kamby" (The first word is pronouced like it looks, just like hyundai without the h sound and the second is a little bit odd, Its pronounced Kem-buh) but basically its pumpkins soaked im milk. If you truely know me pumpkin is like one if the foods that I just can't eat. It definitely wasn't very good. But the Hermana that made it lives pretty humbly so I ate it all. And Elder Torres's because he couldn't eat it at all. 

Those are the downs for this week It could have been alot worse. But now its time for the ups!

There's always that classic missionary story where someone was praying to have someone visit, and then the Elders show up at the door. Those expierences are real. And they are extremely powerful. It happened on Monday after I last wrote. We were walking down the street and we both felt that we needed to visit this family that we haven't visited in forever. So we clap and talk to one of the sisters (who is like 25). She said she was praying for someone to come and talk with her. As it turns out, a while ago, her brother, who was working on a roof, fell off and broke his spine. He was paralyzed from the waist down. And on top of that, all the blood was pooling in his sitting area and he developed cancer and passed away. And on top of it all, Her father was in the hospital sick (he is likely to make a full recovery from what I hear). So we just testified of the Plan of Salvation and the Atonement. The spirit was extemely powerful and we were all crying. It is definitely something that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

other than that, we contacted a bunch of drunk people. Which is always funny because they have no clue whats going on. We were talking to this one guy and we started a lesson, he ended up saying like 6 prayers in the lesson. I just wish he would pray when he was sober. But at least he knows the importance of prayer.

I hear its snowing in Utah, so I think I will teach Elder Torres how to make paper snow flakes. It will help with our Christmas decoration-which is nothing so far

Con Cariño

Elder Jared

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