Friday, July 24, 2015

Meeting the Mormons and the Baptism!

This week was absolutely busy. we were working like ants running all over the place. But it was awesome! It hade some down points but all in all, it was a great week. Tuesday and Wendesday were all the same. Just lots of working in the rain. It makes the work hard and the day long. but thats what seperates the boys from the men. I managed to stay pretty dry the whole day so it wasnt bad at all.

Thursday we had Zone training. It was a really great conference. WE are increasing in baptisims as a mission so thats fantastic news, but we still have a lot to work on!! Our zone leaders talked about using the Book of Mormon to extend and invitation to do something. Its so awesome that we have the Book of Mormon and we can apply so many different stories to help people accept invitations. It is really great.

Friday: It was basically a normal day until the night when we had planned with the ward to do a "practice" Meet the Mormons. just to make sure that the movie worked, and all the leaders knew what to do. Also to really clean the Chapel. But really no one came. All the missionaries, the Elders quorum president and the guy to set up the projector. It was kinda stressful because the leaders didnt really know what to do the next day, but we got it all sorted out.

Saturday: The big day. I finally completed 19 years... It surprised a lot of members that I am so young, the all respond "But your so tall! you have to be like 21!" it was super funny to see their faces. they were shocked. But they day was really good. Fiorelas baptism was fantastic. It was such an honor to be able to preform the ordinace. She was super nervous at first, but after she was super happy. She told me that she felt like a new person. Thats the power of Baptism. And a little girl that understands what baptism really is. It was amazing.

The movie was absolutely amazing. although, there werent ANY non members that went. But Meet the Mormons is absolutely amazing!! I loved! although it made me Kinda trunky.... but im over it now.

Sunday: Just a nice normal relaxing sunday. Oh and the fact that Fransiscos and threw whipped cream in my face for my birthday. It ended up in a big whipped cream fight that was fun. Haha just a little bit of laundry.

It was such a great week!!

Elder Jared

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