Monday, July 13, 2015

The Book of Mormon

Man what a fast week it has been!! Demasiado rapido! I really enjoyeed this week and had a lot of fun and Powerful moments. It has been a week of great growth for me and my testimony. I really dont know where to begin, So I might be all over the board with Awesome expierences. I cant wait to tell you!

First, I had Divisions with the Zone leaders. I was with Elder Jensen (You might remember him from my days in the CCM) and we were working in his area in Aregua. We really had a great day but the Highlight was a lesson we had with Milagros (I mentioned her a few weeks ago when I was in the Trio) She had a baptismal date for last saturday but when we visited her she was really shaky. She had all the attendences, she was reading and praying but she said she really hadnt gotten a firm answer. So we talked about how to recognize the spirit. It was an extremly powerful lesson. I promise you that the words that we spoke were not our words. They just came from our mouths. It is amazing to realize how the lord will fill your mouth as long as you open it. So yeah super powerful. And as we left we committed her to read a chapter (I dont remember which one) from the Book of Mormon and to pray about when she should be baptized. The Very next night, Elder Jensen called me to tell me that she was going to be baptized. It was amazingly powerful.

We really havent been able to visit with Daniel and Lili for a while. Just because when we have passed by they arent home or are too busy. But yesterday we were able to meet with them and it was really good. Daniel had been reading the Book of Mormon, Lili, not so much. But when we asked if they had any questions, Daniel said "When I have questions or doubts, I read your book. It helps me a lot" Its fantastic that he has learned to look for answers in the Book of Mormon. I hope that he will go to church this weekend.

Richard has been doing really well. Techincally he is reactivated, but He was reactivated in his heart a few weeks ago. Haha. If all goes well, he should get the priesthood next sunday. He has been working really hard on getting hios older brother back to church and supposedly it almost worked too. But his older brother (Jose) found some excuse not to go. It kinda made RIchard a little bit sad, but hopefully next week, we will have to see.

Carlos and Fransisco are doing really well. Carlos had finished the Book of Mormon for the very first time and Is now reading the Doctrine and Covenants. He is in section 89 now. Lots of progression. Fransisco is in 2 nephi and he is doing amazing as well.

This week should be a great week. Our ward has an activity where we are going to watch meet the mormons so we are inviting everyone to go. I really want the Chapel to fill up. Also, Fiorela has asked me to baptize her this saturday, and we are watching Meet the Mormons saturday, and It just happens to be my Birthday saturday. It is going to be a great day.

For my Book of Mormon reading I am in Heleman, about to finish for the 3rd time in spanish. This time through I really have realized How the Profets teach the same thing. Its the same thing that Jesus taught and what we missionaries teach and that we learn today which is the Faith, Repentance, Baptisim, Reception of the Holy Ghost, and Endure to the End. From my studies, Every Book and Profet has taught that in some way or form. If you really look, you will realize that it is everywhere in the Book of Mormon. It should be a suprise because Faith repentance, baptisim, reception of the Holy Ghost and endure to the end is the Gospel of Jesus Chirst. But it is everywhere, so it must be important.

I love the Book of Mormon, Rohyhu Paraguay and I love all yall

Elder Jared

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