Monday, July 27, 2015

Paraguayan Politics

This week Paraguay had elections. I still donty really understand how the political system here works, but I do know that it kinda drove me insane. they just voted for city positions this year. But supposedly when they vote for a new president, its crazy. It was crazy just for city positions. People were driving around with huge giant speakers in their cars promoting their canidate. That really gave me a headache. because they dont just play it loudly, they BLAST it. We could hear the car coming from 5 blocks away. yeah... huge headache. The election took place yesterday (sunday) and we really thought that our attendance was going to plummit to rock bottom, but as it turned out, It didnt dip to far.  Just a little bit.

Other than the politics. nothing really has happend, WE did have an investigator go to church. His name is Federico, he is about 80 years old. Doesnt really remember everything we teach him. he just nows if feels right. He reads the same page from the book of mormon every day, because it feels good. Hes kinda crazy, but has great desires to be baptized, Its going to be fairly interesting with things and how they go. Ill keep yall updated with him.

I did have quite an interesting contact last monday. We were wating in a bus stop trying to catch a bus back home, and this guy sits down next to us. SO naturally we start talking to him. This is basically what we did when we introduced our selves...

Me: "Yo soy Elder Jared" (my name is Elder Jared)

The guy: "Oh como Mohonrimoriancomuer (El Hermano de Jared)" (Oh, like Mohanrimoriancomuer (who is the Brother of Jared)

me (All amazed...): "Cuantas veces ha leido el libro de mormon...." (How many times have you read the Book of Mormon....)

Guy: "Como 5 veces." (like 5 times)

Turns out the guy was a returned missionary. He didnt want to start talking to us just so see what kind of missionaries we were. Supposedly we passed the test. It was a very very interesting contact that lead to a super cool conversation. It was so cool. So moral of the story, for all those on the mission or preparing. Contact eveyone. because they might just be testing to see if your a good missionary. haha

Thats all for this week. love you all!!

Elder Jared

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