Monday, July 6, 2015

The changes

Im sure yall are wondering what the changes are for me. to keep it short and simple, There were no changes for me. Still in Aregua with Elder Calderón. Ready to work another change! haha man this was such a great week. We saw a lot of progress with our less actives. In total, we had over 12 less actives come. It was absolutely amazing to see them there.

Before I go rambling about my less actives, one quick note. One area here in Aregua closed so that means that our area lines got changed. And do yall remember Guillermo from last week? He is now in my area. How lucky am I. Seriously. Blessed.

Richard has absolutely changed my life this week. And he did it by changing his own life first. He has read the first 15 chapters in the Book of Mormon and has absolutley completely changed his life in the blink of an eye. He is really really interested in going on a mission and has been very active about talking to the Bishop to get the Priesthood. He has changed. The fact that he was active in talking to the Bishop shows it. His mom didnt have to do anything, we just told him that he needed to talk to the Bishop and he has done the rest. further evidince of his change was that he bore his testimony yesterday. It was short, but it was pure, powerful and full of faith. Absolutely amazing.

I dont have much time, so thats why the letter is a little bit shorter today, but dont take if for a lack of love because I love you all just as much as God loves you!

Elder Jared

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