Monday, August 17, 2015


Yup so this week I got changed. I am in a small little town called Emboscada (Which Translates to "Ambush!" haha.) Its a nice little town like 30 minutes away from Limpio, I'm still in the Luque stake.. I'm really starting to wonder if I will ever get out of the warphole. But I like it here. It's a pretty place. According to the Paraguyans Emboscada is "La ciudad de Pedra" or " The city of stone" just because there are a lot of stone masons here. I've met a few and every now and then you can hear dynamite exploding off in the distance. It's a pretty cool branch. I feel like I'm going to like it here.

We have a few investigators. One is the Familia Fleitas. They are super cool and have a ton of attendances, The reason why they aren't baptized is that they aren't married, But Hermano Felitas is working on divorcing his ex wife so he can get married. Their two kids Kevin and Liza are some recent converts. They are super cool. Another Investigator we have is named Irena Caballero. Her 4 daughters are recent converts. She hasn't been baptized because she has been living with a man that she isn't married too (there are a lot of problems with the law of chastity here in Paraguay) But she is really humble and she couldn't find a place to live with daughters. She has been investigating and attending church now for about a year, and because of her problem, some missionaries call her an eternal investigator. But they have been helping her build her own house out of coconut trees. She has made huge sacrafices to be able to get baptized. She is really cool and her sacrafices have payed off because a miracle came. We visited her on Saturday and she told us that the man she was living with moved out of the house. So that means she can get baptized now! She has a date for this Saturday! She really loves the gospel and will be a strong convert. So thats something really awesome!

Another thing about Emboscada is that there are a ton of recent converts. Like 22. Its a huge change for me because I had 3 in Aregua. But only like half of the converts are really active and the other half isn't quite as active. They go every now and then. Bt the active ones are really strong. We are working with an convert who is really cool. His name is William Villa Mayor. He's like 19 and is preparing to go on a mission. We are starting to read the Book of Mormon with him and helping him really understand each verse. He is super strong!

I really like it here and I am happy :) also I forgot to bring my camera so no pictures this week :(

Elder Jared

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