Monday, August 3, 2015

The Downward Climb

This week it happened... I finally finished a whole year on the mission. and man it has flown faster and faster every change. it has been crazy quick and I have officaly made it onto the second half. I feel as if the first year was a great year for me. But it was more of a preparatory year. I've learned the language, developed some good teaching skills and have gained lots of knowledge of the scriptures. Now its really time to apply it, so I can get better and become a more effective instrument in the hands of the lord. Looking forward to another best year of my life.

As for the work this week, It was kinda a slow week... Not a ton of progression from our investigators. We've dropped Daniel and Lili. They read the Book of Mormon and pray but they seem to find and excuse to get out of going to church. Its really sad for me. They seemed like they really wanted to change but they still lack a little bit of action. But we will still try to pas by every now and then, because they do read and pray, and any second the avalanche could break.

We did find a new family to teach. they are called Famila Jil (Hill in English) I feel like they will progress. they seem open to our message. The one thing that is difficult with them is getting the parents to pay attention. The Kids do well, but the parents. They are hard. We do our best to keep them interested, but they just sit there on their phone. But the Kids are pretty cool. Their names are Maria (16) Monica (13) and Juan Angeles (11). They seem to want to go to church, the challenge will be the parents. I look forward to teaching them.

We didn't have to much success with less actives this week. Which is a bummer. Although Richard is still strong and keeps on going. He isn't less active now.

As for the recent converts... Carlos is doing amazing. He is about to finish the Doctrine and Covenants. Super cool. A little miracle happened this week. Because he was scheduled to work on Sunday but he didn't want to. But they Doctor he was assigned to doesn't usually let people off work. (Carlos is finishing his nursing school) SO we were praying and fasting that he would be able to go. And by some miracle, the doctor let him go! haha It was your classic ensign miracle, but it was a miracle to both of us.

Fransisco on the other hand is not doing so good... Hes moved out of my area but is still in the ward but hasn't been coming. supposedly he doesn't want visits from the missionaries. It is super hard for me. It was so strong before but hes changed and I cant do anything. He cuts my calls and I haven't been able to talk to him for a while. So that was super sad for me. Its rough having a convert not really be converted.

So that was a bit of a tough spot for me.

But on the other hand, Because I completed a year, I spent a lot of time really looking back at how much I've progressed. I'm really starting to see my purpose in Gods plan. I'm seeing what I can become and I can see what I need to do get there. When I was in my moment of retrospection, I realized that my testimony really had 2 foundations. 1. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and 2. Jesus is the Christ. Everything else that I believe comes from those two things. Joseph Smith, Prayer, Fasting, everything is based off those two things. I really was blessed to have been raised in a home that surrounded me with the teachings of Christ. I knew it was all true from when I can remember. I knew the Jesus atoned for my sins and sufferings. I knew it. But one thing that has changed on my mission is that I am starting to understand how much the atonement has changed my life. how Perfect the atonement was. I realized now not only the magnitude of the pain that Jesus went through, but the amount of patience, obedience, and love that he has for us. As I was walking through the street this week I saw a sign that said

It wasnt the Nails the sustained Jesus on the cross
It was his love for you.

Its true. All of it. I know it

I love you all,

Elder Jared

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