Monday, August 24, 2015

The week of service

This was such a good week for me! We found a lot of great opportunities to give service to some Investigators, and recent converts! It was neat because we found a new investigator that has started to progress a lot.

First of all, our first service we got to cut through a bunch of brush and little trees to help make a path to a home that she is building. It was fun because they dont have the same tools that we have back in the states. Just machetes and hard work. Its fun to whack your way through some wilderness. I enjoyed it very much.

The next service that we did was also with machetes. As you can tell we use machetes a lot. But this time we went to go collect Leña (or firewood) for a recent convert. Her name is Juana, she is about 50 years old and is really awesome. She really knows how to use a machete. She cuts braches like nothing and you wouldnt believe how she carries the braches home. She carries them home on her head.. yeah she ties a bunch of sticks together and puts them on her head.,, it is amazing how she does that. Supposedly shes been doing that for years now and had a lot of practice. She really is a work horse.

One last service with machetes this week was for the Familia Fleitas. I mentioned them last week as investigators that have been attending for the past year but cant get baptized because the arent married yet they have two kids that are recent converts. But we did a service with them and we found a new investigator. Her name is Aldonisa and she is the daughter of familia fleitas, supposedly she didnt want to share with the missionaries but now has done a compleate 180. After the service we shared with ther and challenged her to a baptismal date on the 26 of september. she accepted and the best part is she went to church yesterday! She is progressing really really well and has made her parent super happy.

Our last service of the week was my favorite. because it was a baptismal service for Hermana Caballero. She was finally able to enter into this sacred covenent with God and join her family in the Church. She was super happy. So I was super happy.

Also, just a little note about Emboscada and the stones. They dont really use the stones for bulding, manily decorating and bulding streets, sidewalks and decorating houses. And Gramma, I am still yet to find any africans here...

Love you all,

Elder Jared

This is where Brandon is living in Emboscado, Paraguay.  The LDS chapel is bottom center.

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