Monday, January 25, 2016

Investigators and the nice breeze

This week has absolutely blown by! I honestly don't understand how it goes by so fast! But this week was a pretty awesome week. Lots of hard work and finding new people to teach! Its always such a a special joy to be able to find new people to teach, but more of that to come later!!

Last week I told you about how hot it had been, this week seems to have been a tad bit cooler.. Which was really nice. I'm not sure if it really was cooler, but it just seemed like God was protecting us from the heat. It seemed like every time the heat was just getting to the breaking point, a small cool breeze would pass by, or a cloud would block the sun for a minute or two just to give us a little bit of time to cool down. So that really has been wonderful! God Really has protected us here. its been sup super nice.

But you ready to hear about some super awesome investigators we have started teaching this week!! haha I hope so because I'm ready to talk about them!!

The first is named Victor. He is 22 years old and he went to church as a young child and has immediately accepted us when we first talked to him. His aunt is a member from a long time ago and took him to church, but that was a while ago and didn't remember much. So this week we were able to pass by 3 times to talk with him. The first time, we shared the restoration. It was something that he thought was very inter sting. and you could tell that he was so focused on the lesson. He answered our questions perfectly. SO focused and you could tell that the Spirit was working so hard on him. He told us that he really felt different and he loved it when we passed by.He also accepted a baptismal date for the 20th of February. The second lesson we were able to share with him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the need to repent and be Baptized. Victor was baptized as a little child in the Catholic church and had a hard time understanding why he needed to be baptized again. but he promised to pray about it and everything like that. So when we passed by Saturday, the first thing he told us is that he prayed about baptism and he thought that he needed to be baptized again. So amazing. then we had an amazing lesson a bout the Book of Mormon and the importance of it in our religion. He really loved the fact that Christ came to the Americas and he promised to go to church and read. And yesterday he filled his promise. He went to church! He really loved it and said he was going to return Si o si.

The other investigator that we found is named Richard. He is 19 and basically is the same story as victor. We passed by the same number of times, taught the same lessons, felt the same spirit. Although Victor was baptized as a child, Richard wasn't so he was ready to be baptized- He also accepted the same date as victor and went to church. The members were really impressed with Richard because he wasn't afraid to ask questions or to comment on anything. Hes just a intelligent young man that has loved our teachings. His family is also very interested in listening to our message, but we haven/t been able to teach them yet! but this week it will happen!!

I hope that this week has been as good for you guys as it has been fr me!!

love you all}

Elder Jared

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