Monday, January 18, 2016

The sun and baptisms

Man this week has be hot ho HOT!! It really has been incredibly hot this week. I honestly have no clue how I survived because it was super hot and super humid. killer combo if you ask me! But really there has been someone else helping me through this heat. Members keep saying that we definitely have angles protecting us. Because even the Paraguayans cant stand the heat. Everyone thinks we are crazy because we walk all day in the heat... Haha Crazy missionaries... but man I love it. I know the saying that says "If you cant stand the heat, Get out of the oven" But I'm convinced that Paraguay is a huge oven. The only way to escape is staying inside. but you cant move mountains sitting on your behind. and you cant preach the gospel from the bedroom (well with facebook and internet you can, but I cant ;) so to the oven it is!! Haha so we just plan appointments for time of heat. And we leave the cooler hours for the appointments that might fall. so we survive with the help of angles.

The baptism went very well. it was well attended and there was huge support from the ward. It was amazing. Wensenlada and Rosalva were so happy after their baptism. It was so great!! I love baptisms so much!! Its the best feeling in the world helping people receive a remission from their sins and see them so happy. Its amazing!!

I should be able to send some pics. My Comp has most of the pictures so he will have to send them to me. Ill put them on google drive.

Love you all!! Hope you stay Chilly°!!

Elder Jared

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