Monday, January 4, 2016

Sucked back in!

Well it seems that Luque just cant get rid of me. This week has been quite a crazy week.... To start, we had special changes. My companion Elder Fermin had to go home due to medical reasons. Just as he was starting to talk to me to. And also some other Elders went home so there were a lot of special changes... So to make things short, I am no longer in Trinidad. President McMullin decided to close the area. so my new area is called Hugito.. and where is it? Its in the same zone that I just came from. So I got sucked back into the Luque warphole. I am in the City called Limpio. Im sure I've told you about Limpio. I've been here for nearly all of my mission. But its a nice ward. The members are willing to work with us a lot. Oh and I am now in a trio. Thats right, three companions together again! Haha I like being in a trio. Its fun and we get a long well. My companions are Elder Polo from Colombia and Elder Castillo from Ecuador. Up so that brings me up to 6 areas and 11 companions. Not that anyone is counting... Haha But I don't know much to report.. We do have some investigators getting ready to be baptized.. I've only taught them once, but they seem pretty cool. One is named Victor who is preparing for the 23rd of January. I don't know much about him but he really wants to get baptized and he goes to church and reads the Book of Mormon. So that's pretty awesome. Another is Rosavalda. She is getting ready for the 16th I think. So that's all I really know. I got changed Thursday so I'm still getting used to the area. I really don't know what else to report, so please respond with questions if you have them!!

Love you all, Elder Jared

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