Monday, October 13, 2014

Another Quick Week!

I seriously can’t believe another week has come and gone. It’s going by to fast!! We have changes next week but I’m 99 percent sure I’m staying put. I am glad that I am practically guaranteed two changes here. The work here is finally starting to progress a little bit. By progressing I mean we found another family that we have started teaching. But we can only meet with them once a week because the dad actually works. But other than that there haven’t been any major changes. Minus the fact that we got a DATE FOR A BAPTISM! The people we challenged haven’t even gone to church yet and they have a lot of doubts and they say that they haven’t gotten answers to their questions yet. SO we promised them that if they did everything they could to prepare for baptism by praying and reading, then God would answer their questions. So they just have to do their part and God will do the rest. Oh by the way, its two sisters that have a date and the date is November 8th. We have taught more than the two sisters, but some just aren’t as interested in Eternal Salvation. But the two that have a date are always there. 

That’s really all that’s new according to the work. But in other news I was pretty sick Saturday with a fever. But it passed quickly and I am completely fine (seriously mom, no need to worry I am all good. I still take the giant nasty multivitamin so it was just a freak thing) Ha-ha. Our little branch swelled up to sixty five this week. Usually we have like 50, but a giant family came and boosted our numbers. 

Here’s your word for the week:

ñañembo´eta. Good luck pronouncing it because it is super hard but it means we are going to pray. haha so we use it every now and then. It’s the only one this week.

You know you’re in Paraguay when you’re walking down the side of a street (because they don’t have sidewalks) and a motorcycle passes seriously 6 inches away from you. Supposedly that’s how they rob people. They just rip off their backpack and ride away. But missionaries are safe because they believe we are men of God and don’t want anything bad to happen to them.

Also the weather has been super odd this week. Like on Friday morning, it was so hot. We had to walk to a zone conference in it. With a suit jacket it was absolutely miserable. But after the Zone Conference, we walk outside and it’s freezing. Like we were glad that we had our suit jackets. So it was cold all day Friday and Saturday. So on Sunday we all get in our long sleeves and sweaters for church because it was still freezing and after church it was seriously 100 degrees!! It was like it was back home with the weather changing oddly and quickly!

Another odd thing that happened during our Zone Conference. We were practicing extending a date for baptism and who de we get to role play with? that’s right, President McMullin. So I got to ask my mission president to be baptized. Haha. When you role play you feel sooo stupid but it helps out a lot!! You seriously only get better when you role play. 

I love you all and I hope you are enjoying the coolness of fall because it is starting to get super hot (if it’s not freezing its super hot) here.

con mucho amor. 

Élder Jared

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