Monday, October 20, 2014

When Trials Turn to Blessings...

My goodness it is getting hot here. Like i think it was friday, we hit over 41 degrees. Celsius of course. so in farenheit it was like 105 with over 70% humidity... ouch. Its super hot and everything is sticky. But thats where the subject line comes in. Right now I am not to sad about the cold water for showers. It feels soo good after a hot night. Haha all we need now is some AC and we will be set!!

So, this week as been fairly good. The other Elders in our area had a baptism on saturday and we were able to bring our investigators (the ones with the date) to it! Im not exactly sure how they felt though, because they started speaking super fast and using words that I didnt understand. But anyway, we invited them to the sacrament meeting the next day for the confirmation and the recieving the gift of the Holy Ghost. But once again, they didnt wake up when we passed by. We seriously tried everything we could to get them there but they chose not to wake up. So Once again we were dissapointed.

But at that sacrament meeting, I realized how special reciveing the Gift of the Holy Ghost is. I havent heard someone on this Earth be confirmed and recieve the Gift of they Hohly Ghost since it was me reciving the gift. The gift is soo special, and so I have a challenge for you, when partaking of the sacrament and the preist says "that thy spirit may always be with them" i want you to take the place of someone that has just been baptized and is getting confirmed. What would you think and more importantly feel? Its a special gift that we have recieved and continue to recieve.

Another awesome thing about thos week was we had the primary program!! Although our Branch primary is a lot smaller then mine at home, It was still special to see them sing and bear testimony. And of theres always the kids that shout. Haha they made me laugh so hard...but the spirit of the little kids is so sweet.

So some new investigators, the situation is really strange. Techincally the family lives in the south mission, but each weekend they come to Kokuerè. They stay with a member and they all attended church before reciving the first lesson (4 in total) but the odd part is that the other elders in our branch are teaching them with us... but its awesome because they get to hear the testimony of 4 elders and 2 converts.. Its extremly powerful. There was a point in the lesson after we talked about the Book of Mormon, and each of us pulls out a copy for the investigators. I swear it could have been like a movie it was so perfectly timed and the best part is that we didnt plan it. So that was 4 missionaries tuned into the spirit. oh and PS, they have a date for the 15th of november. They seem alot more ready then our other investigators.

So thats how my week has been. and I would love to hear from each of you if you have the chance!

Elder Jared

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