Monday, October 27, 2014

What? Three Months?!

I have recieved many emails reminding me that it was my this week has been three months... I think that it has gone by too quickly!! I swear that everytime I blink its a new day!!
So we had our first changes and I know your curious to know how it works (at least my mom is :))
But we met on a tuesday during our time for district meeting as a zone together in a chapel. We then have District meetings and after we get together as a zone. The zone leaders have a list of all the changes and stuff. So they call each companionship to stand up and they tell them if any are changing, what area they will be in, who their new companion is, or if their training. Then on wednesday If you have changes you go to the office. But I didnt have changes and Im still in the great branch of Kokuerè.

The work has been pretty slow. We are having trouble finding new investigators, having trouble with investigators not keeping their promises, and getting menos activos back to church.

Theres not much we can do about our investigators not keeping promises, they have their agency and they have chosen not to do it.

For the menos activos is a bit frustrating. theres a family that they know what they have to do (go to church) why they should go (The sacrament) and what they have to change to get there ( wake up earlier) and they still dont go! We are trying everything to get them there but once again, they have their agency. And we will keep trying.

The New investigators is a bright spot. I was looking through the our area binder and I found like 7 people that I thought we should contact. most of them have read the Book of Mormon and believe its true.. they just lost contact form the missionaries it seems. So we have a plan to contact them this week and I have high hopes of catching one.

On Saturday, we got a call from our branch president saying that a littler girl wanted Elder Torres to baptize her that night. So rushed to find a baptismal suit for her which was crazy fun. You would think that the missionaries would have the stuff, but we dont. haha. But it was super cool to see another baptism and confirmation.

For those of you that dont know, Paraguay has some way cool leather works, and so we bought some scripture Tapas (Cases)! I absolutely love mine (pictures attached) but the zipper already broke, so we are meeting the guy that made them on thursday and he will fix them. But they are so cool!!

One weird thing I have noticed about Latinos is that they smell everything! Like we had some lady come clean our house and she smelled our dvd player our tables, our freezer, even some dirty socks air drying. When we showed our Tapas to our investigators and other people they looked at them for a second and then they smell them. I dont understand it!

As for the weather, It keeps getting hotter and hotter. I have heard that it gets to around 120 in the summer... soo please pray that we can have our AC fixed soon... We are working on getting it fixed but not much has happened.

I love it here and wake up everymorning excited for a new day!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Jared

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