Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Can't beat the wacky weather :)

We have had a wacky week of weather this week. Its blazing hot in the morning, rains during the afternoon. These rains havent been your average Utah rains either. It has been raining buckets and the worst is you can never really tell when it will hit. Itll start to drizzle and then bam!! Its soaking wet. So i think the first day that it was like that was tuesday, but we made it home intime to get our rain jackets and umbrellas (Mine broke that day too which turned out to be a big bummer) but I did have my rain jacket to keep the upper half of my dry. So that was pretty fun. Getting soaked by rain. Wednesday we had the foresight to bring our rain jackets and the exact same thing happens. super hot in the morning and super rainy in the afternoon. Then comes Thurs. This is when the real fun happens. It wasnt super hot that morning like the other mornings have been, so we didnt think It would rain, but as would have it, in the afternoon the clouds came in and they didnt look superdark, just dark enough to rain hard enough to go home and get the rain gear. so we were walking down the street and I looked back to see if there was a collectivo coming and all I see is a wall of superdark rain clouds. and It was coming in fast. we were like 2 miles away from our house but like 300 meters from a place that sells empanadas. So we were praying that we could make it to the place for some cover, but right then it started to pour. so we ran to the copetin (the empanada place) and we were soaked, but our keys fell and so we had to go searching for them, In the pouring rain. so yeah, we got wet. really wet. But it was fun :)

So I think I might have forgotten to tell you the dates for the baptisims, Erika, Karina and Gabriel are for next sunday. and they are super excited for it. They chose the flavor of cake and everthing. Their dad is a recent convert and will baptize them. that makes be really excited, missionaries will come and go, but a father will stay forever. But they are super excited.

The other is David, who has a date for the 21st, he is super cool, because we know he will go to church. we dont have to pick him up because we know that he will be there. So its pretty awesome!! I dont know if he will get baptized that date but hes praying for confirmation.

So about the scripture that I shared last week D&C 101:55, Its alot about how the lord needs everyone on board and helping others find the gospel. He needs the worriers (missionaries perhaps), the young people (youth) and the older people. the lord needs 100% of the church to help Increase the work of the lord. And for the Church to give 100% all the members need to give 100% of the effort to help increase. A while ago, Elder Ballard challenged everyone to pray for one chance to send someone the light of christ each trimester of the year. So I want to reissure the challenge to all my readers to start praying for missionary opportunities!! It doesnt have to be a huge deal, it doesnt have to become a refernece for the missionaries, just help someone feel the love of Christ!!They more the merrier!! and from the side of a missionary, we love it when the members help us, so make someone smile!

With the biggest smile from Paraguay, Elder Jared

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