Friday, March 27, 2015

It's about time!

Its about time that.... Paraguay is starting to cool down!! seriously though. Saturday marked the first official day of fall (otoño). and It was like God flicked a light switch. No joke. It was Thursday and we were dying of heat. It was seriously one of the hottest days I have experienced. It was pretty rough mentally because its the time where the days should change, but it was still crazy hot!! But then, like I said, God told us we have suffered enough and Saturday he sent a nice, strong cold wind... It was absolutely marvelous!!! I loved it! I have to say, It was the first day that I haven't been soaked from sweat or rain since I've been here, (well there are days with the sick comp, but those don't count.) So that was absolutely a blessing!! The time is changing!! wahoo!!

Its about time... Our district absolutely killed it this week. Our two wards knocked the numbers out of the park... I know that numbers aren't everything, but they mean something!! Out of 5 areas, there was only 1 recent convert missing. And that's because she is sick. And each Area has from 3-6 recent converts! So that is absolutely amazing! Our two wards also had a lot of people in attendance. Usually the other ward (Bella Vista) has around 170-180 and we (Juan de Salazar) pull in 100-115, but this week was unreal and Bella Vista had 205!! That is a ton of people!! and we got 140! Which was an all time high for our ward!! So as a district, we had almost 350 in church and like 85% of the recent converts. Absolutely unreal awesome!!! Also Gabriel got confirmed yesterday so that's an offical baptisim and confirmation! It was an absolutely amazing week!!

There's a little story behind Gabriel's confirmation. We have been working really hard with their family and preparing their Dad to do the confirmation. At the beginning of the week we gave him the steps to do the confirmation and everything was tranquilo. But the Saturday night, he felt super nervous and he wanted one of us to do the confirmation, But basically Elder Breton said "your his father, you can receive special revelation for Gabriel, we would prefer if you could do the confirmation" we then told him things he could bless him with and he decided to do it. Then Sunday morning, He gives an extremely powerful blessing. I could look around the room and see people with tears in their eyes. There is no doubt in my mind that Heaven surrounded Gabriel's father and guided that blessing. It is one of the most powerful experiences I have felt here. it was... indescribably.

So yeah its been a pretty awesome weekend.. not much to complain about, just that I faced my arch nemesis again, the Andai Kamby (pumpkin in milk) and I won again.. haha take that stupid pumpkin.

With an eternal smile,

Elder Jared

...funny story about the flowr tower...We were doing one last game and the tower fell on I get kinda dirty and wash it off...but I go back in the home and everyone has flour for the they had me put more lour on my damp face.  As I was putting my face towards the plate with flour, Elder Breton moves the plate into my face so I get covered...covered in flour...

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